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List of Idaho CERT's

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List of Idaho CERT's

Postby North Idaho Patriot » Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:41 pm

Name of Program: Madison Cadet Squadron, ID-801
Geographic Area: Nation wide response available
Point of Contact: Matthew R Lurker
Title: Captain, Commander
Phone Number: 2087092455
E-mail address: lurkfam@msn.com
Website address: http://www.madison.idahowing.com
Brief Description: Civil Air Patrol - USAF Auxiliary provide comprehensive and specialized support for emergency services operations. Our squadron can conduct search and rescue, disaster relief, communications, medical support, and incident management to special events or emergencies. Our unit conducts training one weekend every month in mission specific topics in addition to initial CERT training for new personnel. You can train with us at our location or yours, in or out of Idaho.

Name of Program: Nez Perce CERT
Geographic Area: Nez Perce Reservation, Nez Perce, Clearwater, Latah, Lewis and Idaho
Point of Contact: Unavailable Unavailable
Phone Number: 2088437375
E-mail address: CERT@dhs.gov
Website address: http://www.nezperce.org
Brief Description: The Nez Perce Tribe proposal is to establish a CERT program in each of the four Nez Perce Tribal government employee locations (Lapwai, Orfino, Kamiah and McCall). The CERT training program will provide the basics in disaster survival and rescue skills and, in essence, prepare tribal employees to become auxiliary responders.

Name of Program: CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
Geographic Area: Nez Perce County
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2087993084
E-mail address: emgmt@lewiston.com
Website address: http://users.lewiston.com/emgmt
Brief Description: Idaho neighbors help each other. CERT members are trained to provide this help safely. CERT members receive over 17 hours of training in Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Fire Suppression, Disaster Medical Operations, Light Search and Rescue, Disaster Psychology, and Team Organization. Classes are offered throughout the year, open to the public, and are free of charge.

Name of Program: Teton County CERT
Geographic Area: Teton County, Idaho
Point of Contact: Jay Hanson
Title: President, LEPC & Citizens Corps Council
Phone Number: 2083542703
E-mail address: dirtetonco@tetontel.com
Brief Description: Teton County has 2 Emmitsburg trained instructors who provide in house instruction as required. Teton County participates in a Regional organization (9 counties)under the Idaho Bureau of Disaster Services, Idaho Bureau of Hazardous Materials, under the leadership of the Northeast Area Field Officer, Idaho Bureau of Disaster Services.

Name of Program: CERT
Geographic Area: Twin Falls County
Point of Contact: Jackie Frey
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2087364087
E-mail address: jfrey@myexcel.com
Website address: http://www.twinfallscounty.org
Brief Description: The CERT Program at this time is being developed as a life skill training and has been well received. The future goal is to continue this training in the other 7 cities within Twin Falls County and have the other neighboring counties follow. The need for properly trained individuals to assist in their neighborhoods and towns is critical during the time of an incident/disaster.

Name of Program: Idaho CERT Program Manager
Geographic Area: All Idaho counties, State Wide
Point of Contact: Robert Feeley
Phone Number: 2084223033
E-mail address: rfeeley@bhs.idaho.gov
Website address: http://www.bhs.idaho.gov
Brief Description: State CERT Program Management responsible for assisting counties and tribal nations within the State of Idaho to successfully implement CERT.

Name of Program: Ada City County Emergency Management CERT Program
Geographic Area: Ada County, Boise, ID
Point of Contact: Paul "Crash" Marusich
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2085774750
E-mail address: pmarusich@adaweb.net
Website address: http://www.accem.org/citizencorps.html
Brief Description: This course is offered in the greater Ada County area to groups as available. Please contact ACCEM for more information.

Name of Program: North Idaho CERT
Geographic Area: Benewah County
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2082455331
E-mail address: jsamford@benewahcounty.org
Brief Description: Part of a regional CERT program with the five northern counties of Idaho.

Name of Program: Bonneville County CERT
Geographic Area: Bonneville County, ID
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 5286939, 5
E-mail address: sgt-cal@srv.net
Brief Description: Program will cover all of Bonneville County. First class will begin 6/7/03 with a second class scheduled for later in the summer.

Name of Program: Canyon County CERT
Geographic Area: Canyon County, Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton, Parma, Greenleaf, Notus, Wilder, Melba
Point of Contact: Lynn Thompson
Title: Canyon County Citizen Corps Coordinator
Phone Number: 2084685837
E-mail address: CitizenCorps@canyonco.org
Website address: http://www.canyoncounty.org/sheriff/eme ... rvices.php
Brief Description: .Canyon County CERT desires to improve personal and family preparedness in the County. Trained volunteers may support community functions and emergency response if requested.

Name of Program: Caribou County CERT
Geographic Area: Caribou County
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2085472583
E-mail address: dengodem@allidaho.com
Brief Description: Our pilot population is that of Wayan, in the northern most part of the county. It is very rural.We plan to expand to the rest of the county and its cities from there.

Name of Program: Clark Co. CERT
Geographic Area: Clark County, City: North-East Dubois Idaho
Point of Contact: Lisqa Sullivan----Keith Tweedie
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2083745166
E-mail address: lsullivan_98@yahoo.com
Brief Description: Clark County has 2 trained CERT trainers and will start classes June 27, 03.

Name of Program: CERT/ SERT
Geographic Area: Clearwater County, Orofino
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2084769448
E-mail address: jsnobles@lewiston.com
Brief Description: Our goals are to have active CERT teams in all of the surrounding fire districts and major industrial complexes in our area by the end of the year. We also plan to have continuing education classes for our CERT teams in the fields of ICS, Emergency medical, fire suppression, search and rescue and comunity prepardness. We are also in the process of working with the two local High Schools to start a SERT or Student Emergency Response Team made up of High School Juniors and Seniors and as part of the Health Classes in the schools.

Name of Program: Custer County CERT team
Geographic Area: Custer County
Point of Contact: Waltraud Dunkle
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2088792463
E-mail address: custerdscja@yahoo.com
Brief Description: Custer County has trained 2 trainers has 20 manuals and 16 back packs. We will be having our first class this summer. By the end of the year we hope to train 20 people.

Name of Program: Elmore County CERT
Geographic Area: Elmore County, Mountain Home
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2085872119 130
E-mail address: Agent_2279@hotmail.com
Brief Description: We are starting a new CERT program in our area.

Name of Program: CERT
Geographic Area: Fremont County, St. Anthony
Point of Contact: William Wuthrick
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2086247625
E-mail address: wgwchristy@hotmail.com
Brief Description: Fremont County is in the process of starting the CERT classes to bolster our Search and Rescue, Fire Departments and Police Departments, the CERT members will be able to take care of a lot of things that do not require a certified police or fireman to take care of freeing them up to do their jobs more effectively.

Name of Program: CERT
Geographic Area: Twin Falls County, Buhl
Point of Contact: Mark P. Grimes
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2085435664
E-mail address: mgrimes@magiclink.com
Brief Description: Pilot program conducted in May 2003 in conjunction with Twin Falls County DES. Additional CERT courses will be scheduled this winter. This program focuses on life skills and preparedness.

Name of Program: Jefferson County Emergency Management
Geographic Area: Jefferson County, Rigby
Point of Contact: Debbie Karren
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 0000000000
E-mail address: na@citizencorps.gov

Name of Program: Idaho County CERT
Geographic Area: Idaho County
Point of Contact: Mark Gravatt
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2089831100
E-mail address: gravatt@camasnet.com
Brief Description: Idaho County Office of Emergency Management offers CERT training to county residents at no charge. CERT is also taught within several secondary school classes as part of the health curriculum. Course can be taught on-site within the county. For information, call Idaho County Office of Emergency Management!

Geographic Area: Idaho County
Point of Contact: COLLEEN ALLISON
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2084461612
E-mail address: callison@kcgov.us
Website address: http://www.kcgov.us
Brief Description: I need to register CERT OF the 5 Northern Counties of Idaho, BENEWAH, BONNER, BOUNDRY, KOOTENAI, SHOSHONE. They have been formed under the CITIZEN CORPS COUNCIL OF THE 5 NORTHERN COUNTIES. ESTABLISHED IN DECEMBER OF 2002. (ALSO REGISTERED.) We have received our grants and have had training for the "trainers." We are currently organizing training events.

Name of Program: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Geographic Area: Latah County
Point of Contact: Sandy Rollins
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2088828580
E-mail address: srollins@latah.id.us
Website address: http://www.latah.id.us
Brief Description: Latah County is comprised of 8 incorporated and 5 unincorporated communities. With the geographics of the County being so widespread, CERT members would be first on the scene until the fire departments and EMS arrive, who are also volunteers. CERT members would provide the basics they were trained in, ie, fire suppression, until responders arrived. If requested by the responders, they would stay on scene and assist.

Name of Program: Community Emergency Responce Team (CERT)
Geographic Area: Lemhi County, Salmon, ID
Point of Contact: Janet Taylor- Nelson
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2087562276 266
E-mail address: janetemt130@yahoo.com
Brief Description: Lemhi County, will have 4 CERT teams. They are in areas that will serve the County (4329 sq miles). They will be part of the County Emergency Services, with training on a quarterly basis. All members will recieve monthly news letter, so they are informed of upcoming events.

Name of Program: Elk Bend CERT
Geographic Area: Lemhi County, Salmon, Elk Bend CERT
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2088942344
E-mail address: ebendemt@custertel.net
Brief Description: A small community 22 miles down a canyon from the nearest town, primarily retirees, has qraduated 12 Members to form the Elk Bend CERT. Group meets and plans for possible events. Members are a great help to the volunteer Emergency Services in the Community.

Name of Program: POWER COUNTY CERT
Geographic Area: Power County, ID
Point of Contact: MARK LOVE
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2082265605
E-mail address: pcems@dcdi.net

Name of Program: Upper Pack River CERT
Geographic Area: Upper Pack River Area
Point of Contact: John Gentry
Phone Number: 2085598897
E-mail address: vetvso@hotmail.com
Brief Description: Our primary objective is to supplement local emergency response organizations in our area. We work under the UPR Fire District, but will respond to the Office of Emergency Management for Bonner and Boundary counties.

Name of Program: Mini-Cassia CERT
Geographic Area: Southern Idaho
Point of Contact: Steven Moss
Phone Number: 2084385227
E-mail address: pcsteve@pmt.org
Brief Description: This program is a combined effort of Minidoka and Cassia Counties

Name of Program: Madison Cadet Squadron, ID-801
Geographic Area: No jurisdictional boundaries; nation wide response.
Point of Contact: Matthew Lurker
Phone Number: 2083563542
E-mail address: lurkfam@msn.com
Brief Description: U.S. Civil Air Patrol - provides search and rescue, disaster relief, and leadership development in support of local and federal/USAF operations.

Name of Program: Salmon Seventh Day Adventis Church CERT
Geographic Area: Lemhi county District 7
Point of Contact: Janet R Nelson
Title: Emergency Service Coordinator/ Department head
Phone Number: 2087562276 266
E-mail address: janetemt130@salmoninternet.com
Brief Description: Members of our affiliation strive to help the community of Salmon Idaho, and Lemhi County in the event of Disaster, aid in the community prepardness. Goals to educate community in Disaster prepardness, and responce. How they can help themselfs and others. Educate members of CERT team to not only respond to local disasters, but State and Nation wide as needed.

Name of Program: Gem County CERT
Geographic Area: Gem County
Point of Contact: Autumn Roberts
Phone Number: 2082302962
E-mail address: cert@co.gem.id.us
Website address: http://www.co.gem.id.us/disaster-services/default.htm
Brief Description: Gem County CERT strives to provide the best training possible to it's members and local community. CERT volunteers in community events, assists citizens in preparing for disasters and provides assistance to first responders when requested.

Name of Program: Marsing CERT in Owyhee County
Geographic Area: Marsing, Homedale, Murphy
Point of Contact: Marlene Moore
Phone Number: 2088965630
E-mail address: disaster911@juno.com
Brief Description: We are providing CERT training one day a month. Training is FREE. Learn how to be a support to the emergency services agencies, local fire departments and law enforcement in the event of a major disaster. Contact Marlene Moore at 208-896-5630 to register.

Name of Program: Custer County CERT
Geographic Area: Challis
Point of Contact: Kathy Rodgers
Phone Number: 2088792232
E-mail address: newdispatcher@hotmail.com
Brief Description: Custer County has recently completed training for CERT. We have nine trained members who have completed training on March 20, 2010 in Challis, ID. We hope to implement more teams in Custer County this year.

Name of Program: Upper Salmon River CERT
Geographic Area: Custer County
Point of Contact: Doug Hammond
Phone Number:
E-mail address: ccds@custertel.net
Brief Description: Custer County graduated 4 new CERT Members on May 23, 2010, forming the Upper Salmon River CERT. This team is able to repond in the event of a disaster from Challis, Idaho to Stanley, Idaho. Instructor Kathy Rodgers

Name of Program: Madison County CERT program
Geographic Area: County
Point of Contact: Cameron Stanford
Phone Number: 2083565426
E-mail address: cstanford@madisonsheriff.com
Website address: http://www.madisonsheriff.com
Brief Description: Please use email to contact us. Thanks

Name of Program: Shoshone-Bannock Tribal CERT
Geographic Area: Fort Hall Indian Reservation
Point of Contact: Mel Timbana
Phone Number:
E-mail address: mtimbana@sbtribes.com
Brief Description: Our goal with starting The Shoshone-Bannock Tribal CERT Program is to implement and sustain a Basic CERT Team in each of the five reservation districts within The Fort Hall Indian Reservation.
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Re: List of Idaho CERT's

Postby itsadisaster » Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:00 am

As fyi … Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) are 1 of 5 programs under Citizen Corps. CERT members actually get trained in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, and disaster medical operations and is usually delivered in 2-1/2 hour sessions, one evening a week over a 7 week period. And several communities even have Teen CERTs.

Some other programs under Citizen Corps include Fire Corps, Medical Reserve Corps (MRCs), USAWatch (a.k.a. National Neighborhood Watch) and Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS). These programs all rely on volunteers from local communities so consider joining one in your area.

Some Affiliates and Organizations that work closely with Citizen Corps include American Radio Relay League (ARRL), The American Legion, Civil Air Patrol, Girl Scouts,, Jaycees, National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) and many others.

If you don’t see a CERT posted above in your area (or if you can’t reach a CERT contact above since they do change hands sometimes), visit http://www.citizencorps.gov and search your zip code to see if there is a program near you.

And finally … check out a thread discussing Citizen Corps + various disaster/prep volunteer groups at viewtopic.php?f=106&t=4030
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Re: List of Idaho CERT's

Postby SCVCERT » Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:11 am

Anything up in the Mccall area?
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Re: List of Idaho CERT's

Postby itsadisaster » Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:53 pm

I don't see a CERT in Valley County (closest maybe Custer or Idaho Co) but city of McCall has a Citizens Police Academy under PD in case that's of interest
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