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How ready are you for a financial collapse

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How ready are you for a financial collapse

Postby PreppingGuide » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:49 am

Hey guys, it's Ben Brown here from The Prepping Guide. We have been lucky to have a prepper with us for the past few months currently living in Venezuela.

Venezuela is the world's highest inflated economy at the moment and they are struggling with food rationing systems by the government, severe medical shortages, widespread starvation, a huge spike in crime, and their currency is worth more when made into crafts. It's a true SHTF situation and I do not envy his position, especially since he has a family and young children to care for.

As a prepper myself, I have appreciated being able to read someone's own account of their methods of survival in a current SHTF situation. For most of us, we are preparing for what can happen, for him, he is currently trying to keep his family alive. It has definitely been helping me learn a thing or two about how I can better myself not just for a financial collapse, but also job loss or any other financial stresses, and I hope it can for you too.

Here are some of his posts of how he and his family have managed to survive a devastating financial collapse SHTF situation:
- How to diversify income sources and deal with job loss
- How to manage with a crumbling power grid
- How to manage with an inflated currency and crippled economy
- How important a team and family bond is in a financial collapse
- How to survive with severe food shortages and government rationing
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Re: How ready are you for a financial collapse

Postby PatrioticStabilist » Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:05 am

Even though this guy prepared as best he could and sounds like better then most, you
see what his solution is? To get his family out of the country. Imagine the people of
the US tryng to go elsewhere.

I read all the way through it, very bad.
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Re: How ready are you for a financial collapse

Postby hancockcounty » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:34 pm

During the time of the great depression there were some who were fortunate and kept business going because they were wealthy. And there were some who had a good location to start with and a farm or something in place that made it so that they could survive. But the people of the country then were tough and new how to live off the land. Nowadays people have lost all needed skills to survive. Well, at least most of the people have.
I currently have a retreat but it is not up to par for what i want it to be and has some major issues that I have stopped ignoring and come to terms that i should begin the process to move to a better suitable location. Currently looking for somewhere warmer but low populated and would love to hear from others in regards to what they think of other strategic locations. I do have some smart (Censored word. I'm a potty mouth) posts about this if you can find them and also some posts seeking a group that are more serious.
We are currently just about as prepped as one could be. Also our financial's are on the brink of being secure in regards to the collapse of the dollar. Just have to play the waiting game and wait for the projects to be completed. For those of you who have some extra cash to invest I could point you in the right direction for a long term investment that will insure your dollars are hedged against a collapse at least the best possible way that i have found.
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Re: How ready are you for a financial collapse

Postby ForwardPreppers » Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:54 pm

If I am not mistaken, he is posting articles on Daisy Luther's site, The Organic Prepper.

Excellent articles - what better way to learn than from someone who has experienced what we all are prepping for!

Please take time to read the articles linked in this post and on Daisy's site (they appear to be different) - it will give you some wonderful insight.

Thanks Prepping Guide for sharing the links for us!

Mrs FP
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Re: How ready are you for a financial collapse

Postby 101airborne » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:45 pm

Well........ I'm not as well prepped for a financial collapse as I'd like to be. Both vehicles are paid off. Paid off and cancelled 2 credit cards and paid off half of a third with tax refund. Working to get the other one paid off/down. Close to paying off house and BOL. Have enough money to last about a year if we lode job(s). Have a pretty well stocked pantry. Our biggest debt still to date is our camper. Hopefully we can start doubling up on payments on it by summer if things hold out. So I think we're better off than most.
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Re: How ready are you for a financial collapse

Postby rickdun » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:02 pm

As well prepared more than most. No bills except electric, phone and tv. Haven't had a payment on anything in over 30 years.

Have plenty of cash on hand, along with a bunch of silver, lots of LTS foods stored if need be, but no gold yet. Always had a good paying job, made some good investments that paid off and fortunate enough to retire at 52yo.
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