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What do to when the woman is the man in the family?

For all the lady preppers out there

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Re: What do to when the woman is the man in the family?

Postby daaswampman » Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:06 am

kaynurse wrote:I love your post!
I am a single mom of 3 children. anytime I even mention prepping to a potential boyfriend, I get the "dear in the head lights" look.
I have bought a gun, do gardening, now a few chickens and am even thinking about starting an aquaponics garden.
I feel your pain. I guess I will have to do it all myself.
Enough of my whining

Good grief! You sound like a dream come true to a single Prepper guy! If I was still looking, you would be getting a PM. You know how hard it is to find anyone awake! Swamp
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Re: What do to when the woman is the man in the family?

Postby condomain » Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:15 am

Well dang, I somehow missed this thread. I guess I thought it would just be like the usual "my partner don't prep and I don't know what to tell him/her" but it turned out to be more involved than just that.

Some of your stories made me feel a bit melancholic. I can sort of identify with Swamp's story. Now here is something I want to point out to Bilbo.

Look, if this guy is really such a nice guy and soul mate or whatever, and I recall reading you said you guys have been together 2 years. I think he would miss you right about now. So if he does, well that says something. But he also could have just gone the other way and started talking to his friends about getting rid of that crazy doomsday woman. So based on that you can know whether or not you should be with this person or not.

I will also share something else. Like that best friend that Swamp didn't marry, well, I am fairly happily married now (all I have to do is argue with her for maybe a few hours, and then she lets me buy the preps. So, I think that is good enough LOL) but this other girl I did not marry, she married a "nice guy" and I was really happy for her. I even met the guy twice. They visited me (well, she visited me, and he came along) twice in my city. So he seemed real nice to her, real good sense of humor, real smart, caring, whatever!

My friend a few months ago called me up and told me she found out by pure chance, walking on the street, him riding bicycle with a young kid, and a young-ish mother, and my friend went up and confronted him, and he had nothing to say, and the woman (the other woman) just looked at my friend matter of factly, like she was not even surprised, like they totally expected that one day my friend (the wife) would find out somehow. So now they are going through a divorce.

My friend has two kids (from him). She doesn't even know if she can get alimony or what, because now he has his own family to take care of also. My friend is so devastated that she is not even thinking to get money or whatever and just wants to be done with it.

Cliche. But it really happened, and I am so sad for my friend. My good friend.
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Re: What do to when the woman is the man in the family?

Postby mintbird » Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:39 pm

I agree, you have to be happy with yourself. I've been happy being with myself for 2 years after I discovered that the man I was dating let me do everything during a camping trip. I love knowing that I can be alone and take care of myself :clap:

I planted a garden, I'm canning, dehydrating, and have enough preps to get me through a year and can protect myself. :thumbsup:

Bilbo, you'll be just fine.
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Re: What do to when the woman is the man in the family?

Postby tnladywolfe » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:31 pm

I had someone that I cared greatly for but we didn't see eye to eye on prepping or guns among other things. Let's just say I had seen the light as he wasn't going anywhere that the govt wasn't there to help him out. Don't get me wrong he is a great guy and very educated and knew what things were coming down the pike but his head was in the sand, so to speak. So I have to be that man of the family for me and my disabled adult daughter and let me tell you its not an easy job but I enjoy it, will most of the time. I am learning to prep and have many things to learn about it and made many mistakes along the way.

I am so glad to see all the great comments on this thread and I will say what most have said already. Just keep it to yourself and not talk so much about prepping. When the world ends as we know it he will be thankful for all you have done.
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Re: What do to when the woman is the man in the family?

Postby WyoDutch » Mon Sep 09, 2013 6:18 pm

Buy her an electric razor.
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Re: What do to when the woman is the man in the family?

Postby AZKookala » Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:00 am

What we always do. Take charge and make the hard matters happen.
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Re: What do to when the woman is the man in the family?

Postby Alaska Rose » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:57 am

Well, by now I hope that you are learning to enjoy yourself and your own company. It is always nice to find a like minded person to share your life with, but it don't always happen. I seem to have 'gullible' imprinted on my forehead or something and always manage to find the lame ducks that want someone to nurture and care for them. Well, maybe I have finally seen the light, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 12 years without a clingon. I hope your garden was a success and that you continue to learn and prep.
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