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What is the first thing a beginning needs to do ?

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Re: What is the first thing a beginning needs to do ?

Postby idahobeef » Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:08 am

The more and more I read post-EMP books the more I am SURE bugging out is the right thing to do IF you live in any urban area. People, once they run out of food, will form food gangs and raid other peoples homes. Unless you have a significant number of people with automatic weapons or explosives, you aren't going to be able to hold them off forever. A survivor of the recent Yugoslavian Civil War said if the USA hadn't airdropped food constantly on his small town of 45,000 people they would all have starved to death or gone cannibal. Thats a VERY small town btw, think about it. He said later, in interviews, if anything like that would happen again, he'd bug out to the countryside where he could grow food at the first sign of trouble; he wouldnt wait. So, if you are in an area with few people and lots of opportunities to grow things, count yourself lucky. My family and I sit in the middle of 300,000 people and I doubt we'd survive their hungry horde onslaught. My advice is to buy an old RD or old horse trailer and throw your stuff in it and scoot before things get too bad. Have a Bug Out Spot far away from any people. Heck, seeing hurricane Harvey clobber Texas shows you often cannot "shelter in place". Underground is a serious option; few people think of underground shelters and hideouts outside of Tornado Alley. Just my thoughts.
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Re: What is the first thing a beginning needs to do ?

Postby Photon Guy » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:53 am

unventedanger wrote:I am not new to prepping so I have my own golden rules that gathered by trial and error, more errors. But I would like to here others opinion/views from outside my small group thank you in advance.

I would say the first thing you should do would be to make sure you have the proper attitude. Attitude is the most important thing with survival. You've got to have the will and desire to survive. You might already have that so then I would say the next thing to do would be to develop knowledge and skills. Learn how to use a gun, how to navigate, how to purify water, what plants you can eat in the wild, ect. To avoid being a jack of all trades master of none choose a specific set of skills to focus on.

After you've done all that then you can focus on acquiring stuff. People into prepping, especially people who are new at it like to have lots of stuff but skills are far more important. All your nice shiny stuff can be gone in an instant if you don't properly take care of it and if you don't properly safeguard it. And make sure you know how to properly use the stuff you've got. If you've got guns make sure you know how to use guns. In my opinion far too many people in this country have guns and yet are not properly trained and properly competent in their use. You will find police officers and military personnel who fall into this category. Find a good shooting school and start taking lessons. That's not to say you necessarily have to know how to use everything you've got just the stuff you plan on using. I've got certain medical supplies which I don't know how to use and would not try using, but in a crisis I might run into a doctor or somebody who is competent in their use and would be able to use them.
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Re: What is the first thing a beginning needs to do ?

Postby JayJay » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:09 pm

My first priority was food and water. After I got a years' worth of food, I started on water storage..got 600 gallons one week end.
Then started working on cooking and heating for the home..went other directions from there.
But, food and water were my main concern when starting.

If trucks stopped delivering, I knew all the books I read and skills I learned wouldn't realistically feed me. :(
If it gets so bad that I have to forage in the woods?? I am pretty close to dead anyhow.
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Re: What is the first thing a beginning needs to do ?

Postby NJMike » Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:42 pm

I see this topic has new life.

unventedanger wrote:There all good answers, but I think understanding what your prepping for should top the list. At least for me.

I totally agree with this.

If someone is not preparing for the most likely plausible scenario(s) for their environment, they may be wasting energy and resources on other aspects of prepping.

There was another topic here on scenarios, and I recall mentioning some rather mundane situations- fire, illness, divorce, job loss, etc. One thought on that would be that if one prepares for the most obvious things first, it sets them down the path and mindset to expand into other areas without ignoring those more likely life events.
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