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Fortitude Ranch: A recreational and survival community

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Fortitude Ranch: A recreational and survival community

Postby MgrFortitudeRanch » Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:29 am

There are many options for prepping, but most of us just don’t have the time, skills, or money to do all that is needed. Unless you are very rich and dedicated, the most feasible way to be prepared is to join a survival community.

Fortitude Ranch is a large survival community that can keep members spread out (virus protection) with sufficient size to deter/defeat marauder attacks and raise crops/livestock. Fortitude Ranch does not use expensive deep bunkers with blast doors—most members will sleep in shallow underground shelters and basement rooms that have several feet of earth to shield out fallout radiation. Fortitude Ranch has large walled compounds with many guard posts. When the alarm is sounded, all members are trained to grab their weapon and get to their assigned section of the wall to deter and if necessary defeat any marauder attack.

Fortitude Ranch is affordable, about a thousand dollars a year to join, because members of this survival community provide the bulk of the manpower to operate. Members have locked storage lockers (or private rooms) for personal items and your weapon. In a crisis, we rely on all our members to serve as guards, collect firewood, hunt and fish, prepare meals, take care of our farm animals, and do other work needed. This is what makes Fortitude Ranch affordable.

Fortitude Ranch locates in remote, forested areas, where we can get low cost land. We locate next to large public forests for access to thousands of additional acres to recreate in and enjoy in good times, and use for firewood and hunting in bad times. Another valuable feature of Fortitude Ranch is that it is both a survival community and a recreational facility. Members can sign up to vacation at any Fortitude Ranch location, not just their “home fort.” In a crisis, members can take shelter at the closest Fortitude Ranch location to survive a collapse.

You can watch a video and learn more about Fortitude Ranch at their website, http://www.fortituderanch.com.

***This article posted by permission of the Admin/NIP ***
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Re: Fortitude Ranch: A recreational and survival community

Postby markcross » Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:43 am

I'm a member of Fortitude Ranch West Virginia. I was in a prepper group that worked on plans for a year, but could not execute, too many disagreements. Fortitude Ranch is great because you have professionals in charge and don't have endless debates about what we should buy next, who should do what. I go out there often to use the shooting range. It's a gorgeous, private forest location. You can walk for miles and not see a human being, or signs of civilization. But major advantage is that it can keep your family safe and in good mental as well as physical health for over a year in the event of a really bad disaster--at a cost that you just can't match. For a thousand dollars a year each, my wife and I are protected--no way we could afford to do this on our own. Also believe they are right in insisting that you have to have lots of guards on duty at all time--not just one or two who could be shot/killed at night, and the rest of you slaughtered if you're trying to survive as a small group.
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Re: Fortitude Ranch: A recreational and survival community

Postby MgrFortitudeRanch » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:04 am

If you're interested in joining the Fortitude Ranch recreational and survival community as they expand from two to a dozen locations across the U.S., consider purchasing their "Fortitude" membership tokens before the sale ends Jan 30. The token gives you a discounted price on membership and locks in that price. More important, if you pay more than half of the downpayment for membership (which costs about $1,000 a year per person) in Fortitudes you get priority to buy when a waitlist forms. Waiting to buy with cash is not just more expensive--you may never get in. In a crisis as more people realize they need a survival facility like Fortitude Ranch, a big wait list will form and only Fortitude membership token owners will get in. Some will go to cryptocurrency exchange sites and try to buy Fortitudes, driving the price up. Best to buy at least 5 Fortitudes now ($500, can buy with dollars via paypal on the website, www.fortituderanch.com) to be sure you've got the opportunity to join (or sell the tokens if you later decide not to and the Fortitude token price has gone way up).
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Re: Fortitude Ranch: A recreational and survival community

Postby John Galt 1 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:39 pm

Talk is cheap, actions count.
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Re: Fortitude Ranch: A recreational and survival community

Postby 101airborne » Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:57 pm

John Galt 1 wrote:pass

Same here. All these so called survival communities IMO are not much above a cult! Now true they look good on paper, OR for a week end or vacation running around playing survivalist. But in a real world SHTF scenario? I think the "founders" will end up running the show, sitting back while your average guy/ gal will be no better than slave labor! Not to mention the lack of dynamics between "residents" sorry but a bunch of people ( I'd be willing to bet very few have any real preparedness experience) who have very limited contact on a regular basis may do okay in a pretend to survive environment. BUT under the strain of a SHTF situation most of them crumble, infighting will bring what little organization to a stop.
The only true way to assure the possibility of "group survival" is with a REAL group that knows the other members, have experience with them as family or have known each other for some time. More importantly joining the group isn't a matter of "buying In"
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Re: Fortitude Ranch: A recreational and survival community

Postby danthman114 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:26 pm

interesting how the op of this thread joined this website in 2010 and has 6 posts, and the one guy that says hes a member of said ranch joined in 2012 and has 5 posts. for all those years no posts but as soon as a someone is selling something that hes a member of, there he is posting... what are the odds?
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