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So for investors who hold physical gold and silver, 2017 sho

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Re: So for investors who hold physical gold and silver, 2017

Postby RayMac1963 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:56 am

Swamp, you point out a significant divergence in this discussion. There are clearly two situations. One is a common man, day to day application of metals as part of prepping. Then there is the "investment" (for lack of a better word) side. If you want safe harbor for years of labor or wealth protection, then you have to hold some metal. And not the crap gold certificates in some fund, i mean silver and gold in your possession. I would even go so far as to say some in a bank vault, but some in your OWN safe or vault. IF i had a few mill, you can bet your last can of beans some of it is going to be in gold. And not in gold coins or bars the government knows about, so they can't confiscate in with some emergency action crap.
I can't help but think God is up there right now saying "its time to shake the ol' Etch-A-Sketch and restart humanity again".

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Re: So for investors who hold physical gold and silver, 2017

Postby Northern Freeman » Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:40 pm

It seems to me that people that prep for different aspects of what they think will happen also differ on PMs. I agree with it goes to a 90% people die off that PM will be everywhere if you look for it, but if it is just a major economic downturn and massive inflation, a couple hundred silver ounce coins or gold could go a long way. To bet on just one situation could be devastating. At the same time, items like playing cards, soap bars, salt and pepper and such might be easier to barter with for other small items. Who knows, it might be a major down turn and then a 90% die off. A little PM just might make it more easier through a down turn and make it possible to survive the 90% die off if it happens. Why take a chance, if you got it get it.
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