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Feed our animals get free RV space and a head start preparin

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Feed our animals get free RV space and a head start preparin

Postby RollingwithR » Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:47 pm

Me and my wife have 40 acres in NE WA. Every other year we test our preparedness by bugging in for a full year. We then use the next year to improve our property and fix the problemes we ran across during our test. We have come a long way, started off with little more than a bug out bag and a pick up. Now there's a house several out buildings off grid power that equal's grid type power, a 13,000 gal water system, and now we're even starting to add luxury like washer dryer and a hot tub! (Spoiled I know)
Were to the point now where it's time to start thinking of becoming a self sustainable farm, not just a great bug in location. We want to expand our water system and begin a small farm. This means something like 100 assorted fruit trees, a 2 acre vegie garden including a large hoop house, and most importantly Animals! Like pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, and eventually maybe even a cow and horse.
So heres our problem, it takes more than one year to fully raise most of these animals, and a truly self-sustaining farm needs plants and animals in several different stages of growth at all times. This requires someone living on our property constantly to tend the animals. I wish we could just be here full time ourself taking care of the animals, but unfortunately the only way we can afford to take every other year off is to work the year's in between. And our job keeps us on the road for the entire year were working.
So heres the deal, if you have an RV you can park it on our property free! All you have to do is take care of the plants and animals while we're away. It's a really great deal right now because we have only cleared the space for a small farm, we haven't populated it with any stock or plants yet. For right now all that needs doing is once a day feed our dogs and cats and once weekly feed the chickens. (Free eggs to) we just want to try this idea with the animals we have for at least the first few months, and then slowly increase the amount animals. Plants still require a lot irrigation lines laid but once we get that done watering will only require the turning of a couple valves bi weekly.
I would of killed for a deal like this when we started our escape from the city way back when. I'm hoping someone eles out there can see the value in a deal like this. Its a great way to start out, your on a developed prepper property by your self with acces to all our preps in a shtf scenario, and an RV can make a desent shtf plan. You can even bring in a shed or container to store your own preps. Besides you just cant beat free! Right? Save your space rent $ and put towards your preps. If your interested please text 850 573 8989 or just reply here. Also we have been living the prepper lifestyle for a long time but, we have never reached out to the preper community before. That's due mostly to our lacking internet experience. So I would welcome any comments. Has anyone eles tried a idea like this? How did it work out? Were open to any suggestions of other places to post this idea to, anything has to be better than Craigslist!
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Re: Feed our animals get free RV space and a head start prep

Postby Antihero » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:09 am

Just to let you know yes this idea has been tried before. I just spent 3 years setting up someone eles ranch for free space. I had to do everything not just feed the animals. I ran fence made pens and feed troughs even had to lay all the water line. Even though it was and still is Alot of work it's worked out well for everyone. I just bought a place right down the road from them to start my own preps, if it wasn't for the free RV space I would never be able to afford my own place now. We become good friends to and since our places are so close now they are going to raise the animals and I can concentrate my efforts on farming. Obviously I'm not your guy since I have my own place, but I wanted to let you know that yes this has been tried and for me at least it's worked out great! Hope you find someone soon
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