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Re: Electricity

Postby John Galt 1 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:55 pm

Halmic73 wrote:What is the electricity used for after SHTF?

How about recharging the batteries for night vision and maintaining the battery powered perimeter alarms. I stopped using them because the deer keep tripping them but if we felt the need to watch for intruders 200 yds away they work just fine.

The smell of cooking. Everybody talks about hiding the fact that you have food but the smells of food cooking over a fire will travel a long way, especially if you're cooking outside with a hungry stranger in area. A toaster oven or crockpot (simple ones are EMP proof), a microwave, ect would keep those food cooking smells inside the house. Perhaps you want to run your laptop to read a CD with information on how to butcher a hog, or just want to keep the kids entertained. In my case electricity powers the well so running water in the house and functioning septic.
And I love my chest freezer for preserving food. I ran it for years off a smaller solar system. Ceiling fans for hot weather....

Video games and DVDs for the kids? What a lifesaver if you had to keep them indoors.

Yes, I know how to wire a PM motor to make electricity, done it many times but you'll need a 4 amp or larger diode if you're trying to charge a battery. I used to use 10 amp diodes for most projects. Yes, I've made electricity with water wheels Kaplan turbines, and Turgos that I have built using PMAs, but very few people have a good hydro site. Yes, I've even built a few wind turbines using PM gearmotors and PVC pipe blades. But it takes a LOT of energy to charge a car battery up using a 4' water wheel or wind turbine. And a lot of parts.

And remember that without at least some electricity making the parts of your "generator" in what ever form fit together you may not be able to build your generator.

We used to spin a water wheel by hand making electricity and making over about 50-60 watts will have even a fit young guy breathing very hard within 2-3 minutes.
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John Galt 1
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Re: Electricity

Postby TRex2 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:59 pm

sageprice wrote:I thought this forum was about electricity. On that pretense I will try to arrive on an understanding. You really do not need as much power as you are using now. Your total power draw should be in three areas. Lighting refrigeration and pumping. By storing water in the freezer, it maintains coldness. The freezer can run when not using the well pump. You have to think survival verses comfort. Barrels of water is more important than HVAC. Still, I haven't met a lot of preppers that are set up for water secondary storage. In the boy scouts we used a 55 gallon drum on its side to heat water. Three valves controlled this process. One on the high end to vent steam. one to fill with water and the third on the low end to vent the hot water. simple operation but time consuming. open steam vent, fill, build fire under drum. partially close vent, drain hot water to kitchen or bath. Open steam vent refill repeat. It's dangerous if you don't mind the process and let pressure build to high. Still, it's worth the hot bath without electricity. There, You can live without a huge amount of electricity. All it requires is a little prepping. you don't need a huge generator.
To paraphrase, put only a little spark in your life, you can have your water and drink it too. This is survival

You are right that we got involved in some "topic drift."

That is an interesting setup for heating hot water. More sophisticated than anything I have planned. How many people were using hot water from that system?

Most of us already have plans for prioritizing and rotating our electrical loads, though. Heck, I have to do that now, as whoever did the wiring in this house botched it in a couple of places by chaining several high amperage loads onto one breaker .
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Re: Electricity

Postby Halmic73 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:11 pm

For all the small loads just get some amorphous solar panels to charge and store them in a tin can. You can roll them up and bring them with if you need to relocate. Any food you cook will have odors escape unless you filter your home through a carbon filter. I have made solar panels from scratch and motors from scratch but I don't think thst electricity will be as much of a concern after things get bad.

I always tell people to have enough material wealth to survive but to focus on skills. No can take your skills and they are easy on your back when traveling.
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Re: Electricity

Postby JohnEE » Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:50 am

Sorry for hi-jacking this thread. I will move it to its own discussion.

I hadn't really thought this though, either, but wouldn't it depend on polarity and angle of interception of whatever lies in the field? I will admit this stuff has crossed my mind before, but other than acknowledging that many of the items that we think will burn out may be spared, I never gave it much thought.

Yep, as well as some other things that we might not be thinking about. In my calculations, I had to lay out a bunch of assumptions, not the least of which was the field strength.

John Galt,
I seen/read both of your links before. years ago, when I saw Dr. Author Bradly material, I was very impressed with the way he conducted the isolation tests. It is the right way to conduct those tests. There is too much junk science out there. Seeing quality work is wonderful.

Still working the assumptions, but I found a very informative article on EMPs (for the engineer in each of us) located here

and part two is located here

I am still learning, but reading these very detailed articles kind of backs me away from the cliff of despair, thinking E1 is a problem too large for us mortal men.

I will continue this conversation on "would solar panels survive an EMP" thread.

Thank you all for your patience with me,
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