1993 will come again

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    A lot of yall(Lord theres that word yall) live up north and snow is no big deal. I live in the pretty deep south. Snow is a big problem here. Just the mention of snow or sleet and places start shutting down.
    In 1993, I was working weekends at the hospital. At 5PM Johnny Beckman(the local weather man) was on TV saying, don’t worry about it. I went on to work. I got there at 6PM.
    At 9PM it was snowing flakes as big as quarters. I worked a 12 hour shift. By sunrise, there was 3 feet of snow. There were drifts probably 10-12 feet deep. That was a once in a century storm. That is why you prep. I have never seen a storm like that. Thunder and lighting, the wind was blowing 20mph. It was 10F. We heard an explosion that sounded like 120mm tank cannon firing. It was the transformers on the power poles exploding. They are full of oil and when the oil freezes, they explode. When they blew, it would rattle the windows. I was supposed to get off at 7AM. Forget that, nobody could get in and we couldn’t leave. I and my co-workers got stuck in that hospital 24 hours a day for 3 1/2 days. We worked non-stop. About every 12 hours we would try to take a 2 hour nap. There was a mass exodus of people leaving their homes and coming to the hospital. The furnaces and heaters didn’t work. There were people on O2 at home and their backup cylinder ran out. The only way they could get there was horse, walk, 4 wheel drive or tractor. The recovery room was full of elderly people that just needed O2. Every waiting room was full of people just trying to stay warm. This kind of crap is not supposed to happen here. That was Friday evening. All the bosses had went home. All we had was what they call a skeleton crew. We had no power. We were running off of generators the whole time. When that first transformer blew, the big gene kicked in. It died sometime during the night and we switched over to the smaller one. One of the heart doctors was in the middle of an operation when the power went off. The hospital had been improved so many times over the years that somebody forgot to hook that OR room up to the generator. They had to run a 100 foot extension cord into that OR room and hold a lamp up to let him finish. I can’t say the words to describe his emotions. Pissed is about 1/1000 of it. Like I said, we had a skeleton crew. That is the way it is dome. There was not enough of us to take care of what we needed to do. We could not move fast enough.
    There was a code blue about every 30 minutes the whole 3 days. There were emergency transports. There are 3 kind of people in a hospital. You are either a patient, employee or visitor. I included doctors in the employee part. We had the ER doctor and a heart surgeon. Another doctor walked 5 miles to get there. There were maybe 80 of us. That might sound like a lot but it is not. There were doctors on call but they couldn’t come in. We were on our on. We couldn’t keep up not to mention we were dead on our feet. The visitors saved the day. They helped transport the patients. They washed dishes in the cafeteria. They helped turn the patients. Man, they jumped in and did what they could.
    The cafeteria usually charges for a meal. saturday, they quit charging and said the food was free. We almost ran out of food. Sunday morning, we had baloney sandwiches for breakfast. The National Guard was already cranking up to get food in there. They were going to use tanks to get the food in there. By monday morning they had cleared the roads enough that people could come in to work. I got out of there at 10AM monday morning. I went to my truck. I cranked it up and put it in reverse and let the clutch out. Nothing happened. My tires were frozen to the pavement. I had to go to the kitchen and get buckets of hot water to pour on my tires to get my truck free. I finally made it out of there. I had a 1/4 mile drive way where I was living. I made it to the start of the drive way and had to walk the rest. That was when I decided to prep. I have been prepping for a long time. That was a hard learned lesson. My wife and step children did ok. My mother, brother and little sister did not. I am ok for 3 months now, maybe more.

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