1st Annual APN Symposium

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    This is a pre-announcement for the First Annual American Preppers Network Symposium. Details to follow soon.

    Announcing the

    First Annual
    American Preppers Network Symposium

    “Get started”

    Hosted by Mississippi Preppers Network

    March 25-27, 2010
    Farther Along Farm

    The moderators of Mississippi Preppers Network (MSPN) extend to all members and friends of the American Preppers Network (APN) an invitation to the First Annual American Preppers Network Symposium to be held March 25-27, 2010 at Farther Along Farm.

    Theme: The theme is “Get Started.” Get started prepping. Get started taking those first steps to self-reliance. Get started meeting– face-to-face– some like minded folks from all across the country. No matter where you are in your preps, this gathering will provide an opportunity to learn and teach freedom through self-reliance.

    Among the topics will be:

    Vegetable gardening: Top 10 “newbie” mistakes
    Stocking your pantry: Commonsense strategies for building up food stores
    Storing dry goods
    Preserving fruits and vegetables
    Strategies for involving family
    Prepping in small spaces
    Meeting the challenges of urban prepping
    Becoming debt free (almost)

    APN’s motto is “Freedom through Teaching Others Self-Reliance.” The Symposium provides an opportunity to do just that. Please invite others.


    sorry i missed it!


    good afternoon! i just joined this network — curious as to how the meeting went? did alot of people attend — or not so many??


    Unfortunately Scarlett, we had to cancel.

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