2013 Summer Survival Camping

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    Hey guys, new guy here looking to meet like minded individuals. Ive been looking into prepping for awhile now and now im actually starting. Im hoping to do some camping and enjoy the beautiful state of Utah, with a twist. I really want to hone in some survival skills and for that i wanna do some camping. No not with a tent and propane grill, im talking about building shelters, building fire, killing squirrels for dinner kinda camping! Im actually hoping to get out and do a 1 nighter on May 11th (Saturday) up near the Causey Reservoir in the Unita-Wasatch Natl. Forest. Hit me up if your interested. Email: xxxxxxxxxxxx (edited by mmpaints- we do not allow email addys on the open forum) and we can exchange phone numbers and such. I plan to do this at a MINIMUM of 1 night per month, hopefully do a Fri-Sun at least once if my work schedule allows.

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