2018 JULY – What Did You Do To Prepare This Week/Month?

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    Got the last 3 floor joists in place and screwed in this evening (Had to go to Tucson earlier in the day to pick up daughter and her husband from the airport, so couldn’t work on it earlier.) Daughter had taken tomorrow off based on their earlier travel plans, so will have her help me get the 4×8 plywood for the flooring in place. After that, can start on the frames for the walls.


    Got the plywood for the flooring of the chicken coops in place and nailed down. Then, went into town and picked up 2 8×12 rolls of vinyl flooring. Using that for flooring the coops, as it will withstand the chicken crap MUCH better than the bare plywood will, even WITH a layer of straw down, (AND it will be a LOT easier to clean!) We got the vinyl flooring unrolled and nailed into place, so tomorrow I can start the framing for the walls, IF the weather cooperates.

    Grocery store had strawberries on sale again (75 cents for a 1 lb pkg) with a limit of 8, so bought the limit. Got them washed, hulled, cut up, and packed into quart-sized freezer bags for later use.


    I got the sewing machine for $225. Hubs approved, I found you can get parts and supplies for it even though its old. 1963 industrial Singer 188k1. I ordered needles, special thread in white, black, tan, and navy, bobbins, 1 new bobbin case for it. These old ones have all steel parts and will likely be good when I’m gone. Hubs is going to put on a new cord and switch or fix the one on it.

    We just moved furniture out of 3 rooms, we have carpet cleaners coming in the morning. Need to do my sewing room to get it ready, will do DD’s room in the morning. I had painted all these rooms a couple months ago, will do the rest of the house in the fall.

    I went out to check and got a bucket of green beans yesterday was just to hot so didn’t quite pick them all, by Friday I’m sure I will be canning them. I was also pulling weeds out of them and the onions, it was HOT.
    Want at least 30 to 40 both pints and quarts, have about 10 downstairs but since some may be 2016 I may dump those. They are ok but since we have so many not necessary. I have a lot of turnips and will just eat a few, think I will pull them and take them to the food pantry tomorrow. My squash practically jumps from tiny to huge in a day or two. I usually eat them little but these are growing so fast they are tender. I got some cucumbers, hope to get more either for pickles or more relish. I have some young cukes plants so hope to get more later.

    I am sure hoping tomatoes do well, we are going to have a couple of cooler days so hope they set.

    Illini Warrior

    that old industrial Singer is the type I’ve been looking for to handle some leather craft >>>> the newer ones that aren’t half as good are $$$$$$ beyond DIY purposes ….


    Husband picked up his lawn tractor and is having fun with it. He zipped around and mowed the 1/2 acre back yard in 10 minutes.

    I checked in at the consignment shop and got my first check of $50. I only need to sell $150 more to break even 🙂 Past that, it’ll be pure profit.


    Went to the local Auction and scored on some antique furniture from the early 1900’s. It won’t take much to rework it and sell it. I use the cash for chicken feed for the winter.. I also canned about 50 qts of green beans. Its been a busy week…


    Got the framing done for the front of the first of the new chicken coops(including framing for a door and window.) Had planned on starting on the back and side walls but the rain/lightning started, so I packed it in and went grocery shopping instead. In addition to food, also picked up more wide-mouth canning lids (don’t have NEARLY as any of those as regular mouth…a situation I am in the process of correcting.)


    Got the framing for the back wall and 1st side wall of the first coop put together, up in place, and nailed in before the rain/lightning started (again) and I had to pack it in. So, put the tools away (in the horse trailer, because it’s close to where I’m working on the coops, so I don’t have to lug the tools very far) then went and got lunch, and did more sewing afterward. Got the skirt I was working on finished.

    Doing coyote patrols on the property now. One of the little bataards got into my duck yard overnight. We found the Pekin drake OUTSIDE the duck yard (but still in the FENCED garden area) still alive, but mortally wounded. Puncture wounds where the coyote had bitten him/was carrying him. Too big for the coyote to get over the taller garden fence with him. So, I had to put him out of his misery (he was dying already, I just didn’t want him to suffer longer.) The Khaki Campbell drake was missing. Tracked where the coyote had jumped the fence with him, then tracked to where he was eaten. Only a few feathers left, but enough for positive identification. By the size of the tracks, it was a juvenile ‘yote. Blasted coyote had gone over THREE fences to get to my ducks…the outer perimeter fence, the fence around the garden area, and the fence around the duck yard. Even though they lost the battle, the drakes did their jobs and protected the females. Not a mark on either of them.

    So, rigged up a temporary way to close the front of the duck house, and will be making a more permanent door to close them in at night.


    IceFire, I’m sorry about your ducks. Varmint-proofing is an on-going exercise, sometimes in futility!

    Farmer-Dude – good on the furniture and the canning! That’s a job!

    We have had a heat-wave here, the garden, no matter how much we water, is doing poorly. I got some tomatoes ripening, but the rest of the plants aren’t doing as well. My deck garden is growing like mad, but nothing is fruiting – just pretty leaves and flowers that drop off in a few days. The squash plants are huge, but only one squash is even growing. The flowers bloom and then die.

    Today was grocery shopping and yard sale day. Yard sales were a bust.

    Grocery shopping:

    Restocked what we used


    Lighter fluid
    2 box cakes & frosting (kept on hand for visitor/quick dessert)
    Ramen (toss the packet, but kept on hand for quick lunches/dinners with added meat or for soup)

    I picked up a Dell projector and accessories for $60 from our local online swap and shop. Back in the day, it retailed for $1000. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but didn’t want to pay top dollar. When family is here, we can now show old pics of everyone, and reminisce or play movies outside for any guests.


    Went in to town this morning and got 30 more 8 ft 2x4s for the chicken coop build. Managed to get 2 more walls done before the weather rolled in (this IS the middle of monsoon, after all, so this is when we’re getting the majority of our rain for the year)…the wall that will be between the two coops, and the back wall of the 2nd coop. That leaves only 2 walls left…the front wall (with the door and window openings) and the end wall (although, if I build that 3rd coop, it will be the dividing wall between the 2nd and 3rd coop.) Hoping to get the last 2 walls framed up tomorrow (weather permitting, of course), then it’s on to getting roof on, then the sides. Once that’s done, I can work on the storage area/cabinets, roost bars, and brooder area, and start moving chickens over.

    Had to pick up more cow hay today, so since I’d just dumped the last 50 lb bag of chicken feed into the smaller “working” bucket this morning, got another 2 50 lb bags of “reserve” feed, as well. Before I put the bags into the storage can, though, I moved the feed storage can from inside the run (and the girls were VERY happy to make a snack out of the mouse that was hiding underneath it) to the first coop. Doesn’t matter that it’s still open to the elements, since it was out in the run, too…the chickens just can’t crap on the lid now. Figured it was easier to move it BEFORE I put 2 50 lb feed sacks into it than after.

    Saw the FUNNIEST thing this evening. While I was showing daughter the progress on the coops, saw the 3 month old doeling goat jump onto the cow’s back (she was laying down). At first, the cow threw her head back (like she does when the flies are bothering her), so of course the goat slid off. Funny thing was, she KEPT doing it (and sliding off…couldn’t get a good balance point), and the cow finally just let her do it, without reacting.


    I had Burnt 2 finger tips on a muffler of a hand held leaf blower the other day. In which someone brought me a leaf from a aloe Vera plant. Been using it ever since. And it deffently works. So I made a trip into one town I rarely go to yesterday. There I bought 2 aloe Vera plants, band-aids. Which is a great move on my part seeing how I’ll have them when needed.

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    jimLE – we have an aloe plant on our front porch for use as needed. It winters over in our new room addition.

    Today Husband and I drove to a town about an hour away and I picked up a Morse Apollo 6200 sewing machine for $35. This machine’s superpower is zig-zag sewing stretch knits, something I don’t do well on the other machines I own. The machine looks barely used. I’ll have to get a manual online, but other than that, it seems to run good.

    We hit a couple yard sales on the way home and although well stocked, nothing of interest to us.


    Finished the framing for the dual chicken coops. Next up will be putting up the roof supports, then the roof deck” and finally the rolled roofing. After that, I’ll work on siding, doors, and interior setup (nest boxes, roost, brooder box, etc.)


    Picked up some drywall screws, nuts, bolts and some 12 penny nails at the flea market this past sunday. Also ordered some silver rounds this morning since silver is below 16.00 an ounce, bought it at $16.38 per ounce from APMEX.


    Container garden is going well. I may do some pickles soon. I forgot how fast cucumbers grow. Some got too large, so I’ll be using them to save seeds. The lettuce and cilantro is bolting, so going to save those for seeds. I should be harvesting some peppers by next week.

    The previously mentioned flea market army water cans are repaired. I made the new gaskets. Filled the cans up with water for a leak test a few days ago. I’ll be rotating that water out with fresh water and some bleach drops. These are still going to be used for non-potable water containers, I just don’t want the water going green in the cans stored outside.

    Did a little bit of miscellaneous Amazon sale shopping, with and without the Prime Deals, just small stuff: another pair of EMT shears, folding scissors, handheld radio, fresh KI tablets, a larger size ferro rod, and 10×50 binoculars. Picked up a few more medical books and one on distilling this week too.

    My lapsed range membership was renewed last week. Planning to head back there for practice once my eyes are adjusted after next week’s Lasik.

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