2018 NOVEMBER – What Did You Do To Prep This Week/Month?

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    Got the gate posts pounded in and the gate hung for “chicken Ft. Knox” yesterday. Would have gotten more done, but husband dragged me into town (mainly to pay for his purchased, since his CC got jacked (CC company caught it and stopped the transaction, then notified him) and he’s waiting for a replacement to arrive. While we were out, found a Berne ladies’ Concealed Carry jacket. If it had just been me, I would have passed because of the price, but hubs convinced me to get it.

    Today, got some work done on the greenhouse. Got most of the inside wood strips cut and screwed on, moved the shelving, then started hanging the misters. Still need to get the vent windows attached, but need to cut some of the roofing to get it to fit. At least I got the wood strips and hinges attached to the windows. Also still need to get the ridge cap on, but we decided we need another length of it, and some more 2x4s to screw into.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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