2nd life for egg cartons

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    okie B

    I know the 2-liter thread is still getting responses, but I saw that someone had posted an idea for egg cartons on another thread followed by (I think it was) IceFire saying she had a bunch of them that she was looking for a way to re-use. So here’s a thread for egg cartons…

    I have used them for starting seedlings with some soil and covered in a clear plastic bag.

    I have also given them to a friend who had chickens and was always on the look-out for more cartons for her to send eggs home with friends and family (and yes, I did get some eggs out of the deal!)

    Another easy one is using them to store Easter eggs after coloring them. Also, for storing hard boiled eggs when I made up extras for packed lunches, tuna salad, or deviled eggs.

    If I’m working on a bead project with a lot of different beads, an egg carton is great for storing the beads so I don’t overload my bead board.

    If the lid is flat and without holes (usually more of the styrofoam style cartons), you can use it for an art project with your kids. Save your egg shells, and peel the skin off of the inside of the shells. When you get a good supply of cracked and broken eggshells, put a good portion of them into a bowl of water colored with food coloring in as many colors as you and your kids want. After the color has set, drain them and let them dry. WIth regular glue (glue sticks don’t work very well), coat a thin layer of glue on the inside of the lid, and then use the colored eggshells to make a picture. The lid having sides makes it less messy than doing a picture on cardboard or construction paper. It also makes a more durable picture than a macaroni picture and less messy than a glitter picture. It’s kind of like being able to make a permanent sand picture.

    Time for you all to fire up your creative juices! What other uses can we come up with for empty egg cartons?

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