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    All of you may know this but if there is one person that does not, this is a blessing. Walmart and Krogers have a $4.00 drug plan. Both have about 300 different generic drugs that you can get for $4.oo/30 day supply or $10.00/90 supply. You still need a subscription. All you have to do is go there and tell them you want to transfer your drugs from the drugstore that you are using to either Walmart or Krogers. Then when you need a refill, call your doctor and tell them to call Walmart or Krogers. And it is done. I have to take
    carvedilol(coreg), lisinopril(prinivil), laxis on a daily basis. I haven’t had to have a refill until now. My cobra expired Dec 31. On Cobra, the meds were $2.00 a bottle. Later today, I am going to Krogers and transfer my drugs there. If I stay with my current drug store, the meds will cost anywhere from $50-100. At Krogers, I can get the same meds for $12.00. I probably will call my doctor and get him to call me in a script for 90 days. That will save me a couple more dollars. 90 days is $10.00 vs $12.00. I am retired so I save a dollar anyway I can. I will be on these drugs the rest of my life. There won’t be a problem with getting the 90 day script. I can even get my psoriasis med for $4.00.
    God, I hope none of you ever have to take laxis. When I got sick, I had to take 80mg a day. 40mg in the am and 40mg in the evening. I thought i was going to have to start going to bed in the bathroom. I had to pee every 30minutes to an hour. you can forget sleep. You can’t be very far from a bathroom, back road or a briar patch. When you got to go you got to go. With laxis, holding it is not an option.

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