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    Professors Hanfkopf and LaPuta noted social psychologists of the Department of Psychology and Human Behavior at Moonbatt University in New York wanted to study attitudes of the children or Preppers contrasted with normal children from the general population. Their goal was to prove that the Prepper children were as everyone knew, maladjusted and abused as a consequence of their abnormal environment. Steeped in the Scientific Method and with absolutely no pre-conceived bias they set up the following experiment in order to prove their pre-determined thesis.
    A normal child, Throckmorton Libbrelle from a prominent progressive Eastern family and Bubba McCoy from a family of gap toothed prepper morons from rural Minnesota would each be placed in a room for two hours. Throckmorton’s room would be full of every imaginable toy and joy that a male child could want. Bubba’s room would be filled neck deep in horse excrement. The boys were of the same age and race and of similar ethnic heritage. They both had completed third grade at local public schools with similar IQ scores and grades. Their course work had been absolutely the same standardized program and they were, except for Throckmorton’s Progressive and enlightened home environment as much the same as possible. The boys were placed in their respective rooms, the clock set ticking and the experiment begun.

    At the end of the alloted two hours Professors Hanfkopf and LaPuta interviewed each child. They found young Libbrelle in the middle of the room full of beautiful toys curled into the foetal position weeping uncontrolably. Upon being asked what was the matter little Libbrelle replied that all these toys were dangerous and racist. He told them through his sobs that if he got on the tricycle he could fall off and be injured horribly. All of the other toys were if not at least dangerous horribly racist. He told the good professors that if he indulged his white privilege and played with the toys he would become a complete racist bigot and that his family would disown him. He would be reduced to living in a dumpster and eating garbage for the rest of his life.

    The professors noted that young Throckmorton was a well adjusted young child with measured and appropriate responses to his environment. He was well on his way to becoming a model citizen of the world.

    Upon entering Bubba’s room neck deep in horse excrement they were shocked to find the Prepper child whooping, laughing and running around the room hurling the horse excrement in all directions. Upon stopping him and asking why he was so happy Bubba replied “Whars there’s this much horse hockey there’s gotta be a pony someplace!!!”

    The horrified academics made the following notes:

    Subject is totally divorced from reality showing signs of abuse and neglect. The child should be immediatly removed from his toxic home environment and placed in foster care. Years of very expensive therapy would be required if the poor thing is to ever have a life resembling normal. The prospects are not good, but for the sake of all the children the attempt needed to be made at once.


    As a recently retired teacher I can see a study like this actually occurring.


    I thought that today’s education of young people plus the necessity for MSM to broadcast the current enormous spate of TV reality shows, sitcoms, soapies, and of course completely unbiased news reports, were derived from the results of that study!


    I’ve seen this on a number of sites & usually just chuckle & move on. The goings on in society & government over the last few years made me reconsider — I’m pretty sure such social engineering, child protection program like this has at least, been considered — maybe even budgeted & planned.

    Truly scary

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