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    To the multitude of readers (both of you) awaiting the next instalment of the Bidadisndat Series: My apologies.
    As you may have been aware, Mrs Bid, two daughters and I were going on a two week cruise in the South Pacific, during which I hoped to do a lot of writing.
    We were due to leave to catch our boat at 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning.

    At 16:00 on the Thursday we received a call from the haematologist advising us that I would NOT be going:
    A Scan on the previous day showed that due to a throat infection on top of rapidly growing lymph nodes my airway had been reduced to a diameter of 4 millimetres.
    I was given a course of steroids to reduce the swelling and I spent today in the hospital receiving the first course of chemotherapy.
    I have to go back in tomorrow for another round, then will be on a twenty eight day cycle for another five treatments.

    A nurse drawing a blood sample asked if I felt like shouting “Why me?”

    I thought about that for a minute before replying “Why NOT me? What could I consider a good reason for being excluded from things that aren’t always pleasant?”

    Anyway, I’m playing the cards I’ve been dealt and will leave it to the Good Lord to show me the way.

    I had to go into work and tell my bosses about the changed circumstances – Very annoying as they’d had to bend a few rules to allow me leave during critical exercises –

    Fortunately the Air Force is offering me all kinds of support and have assured me that that will be ongoing as long as I need it.

    I think that’s due in no small measure to them knowing that I’ve always been ready to step up to the plate when called upon, and do my duty without complaint of any kind.

    They were very surprised when I turned up this morning to complete a Fire Fighting Course that I was overdue for, before going to hospital.

    Hey, I’m not bragging, but I’m OK at the moment and feel I have the right to feel good about my efforts.

    I offered to return to work next Monday as I know our team is short-handed at the moment, but they told me to bugger off and get back to writing my books.

    And if the chemo doesn’t knock me around too much tomorrow, that’s what I’m going to do, so don’t y’all go away now.



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