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    Here’s some food for thought.

    When we’re face with SHTF or RWOL and force to live off our own provisons what about proper nutrition. I mean vitamins, minerals, and such. I’d like to see some posts that will mention diseases, causes, and prevention.

    Like for example Scurvey. I think it’s caused by a lack of vitamin C. Okay, what plants can we in central Alabama or else where can we grow to prevent this?

    We bought a stainless steel steam juicer. We got it from Get the stainless steel one not the aluminum one. With this we can steam the juice out of any fruit. Take the juice, how water bath can – not pressure can, seal the jars and it’ll keep. I don’t think just storing up vitamins is the answer – not a bad idea for sort term. I think they go bad over time. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    what say u

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    baby boomer generation one important factor to us is our health & well being. This goes for others too of all ages. If or when the crisis happens (what ever it is) our nutrition is important. We wont be eating foods like we did before SHTF. Our food calories & intake will change, problem will accrue as of diarrhea, lack potassium, weight loss, lack of calcium. Stomach problems from lack of natural culture product like milk, cottage cheese & etc. My wife & I have been thinking this line for sometime. We all know Vitamins have shelf life (D) is big on our list 3 to 5yrs on shelf life. I figure al long as we rotate our vitamins we would be OK on that. Its after the fact we have none.
    Has anyone thought of these this (I’m sure most have) and what suggestion you would give..


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    Learn to identify plants such as Plantain (a low growing green leafy weed which is high in all essential vitamins and nutrient needed to survive. Can be eaten raw and tastes much like Spinach.), Lambs Quarters (a tall growing leafy green which has a great deal of vitamins and nutrients needed for survival. Can be eaten raw and tastes much like Spinach.), Poke week (a tall growing leafy green which has a few basic nutrients needed for survival. Must be cooked and tastes much like collards.)
    These are just a few of the basics. I have been learning and training for nearly 30 years how to survive in a SHTF or any other survival scenario.


    Scurvy is prevented by lemons, limes, think limeys, oranges. The british finally figured it out when their sailors were on ships for months at a time without fresh fruits. Limes helped as did the other fruits, they would keep for awhile so started having them.

    Yes, supplements would be needed especially with limited diets. It would be rough, just try to keep them and rotate is about all I can say. Especially C and D, also keep B complex. I would just look over the various brands and see which ones have the longest life.


    I am currently growing limes, lemons, and oranges in the Midwest. While the orange tree has fruited, the season isn’t long enough to get them to ripen. My plan is to get the trees growing strong and then build a green house where they will live, and then perhaps they’ll fruit and ripen.

    We have several foraging plants where we live that will provide nutrients – plantain, dandelion, chickory, purple cone flower, cattails, etc. Those are the ones I recognize now. I’m working on identifying more.

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