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    Dreamspinner – holy moly! you have sooo much to share – we need you! SciFi is dead on right – but then she usually is. and there’s a reason i chose her to be my canning partner. call it my extraordinary ability to sniff out wicked-awesome people!

    Ponymama – holy moly again! we can sooo use someone like you here too…i think of all of the prepping families that you can teach with your knowledge!

    you freakin ladies are amazing…i can’t believe that we have you here!!! oh the world isn’t all bad…there is still some wonderful left in the world!


    I grew up on a farmette so I can milk a cow and make butter. The chickens weren’t for meat, so I never learned to butcher one.

    I crochet, quilt, embroider, and can sew clothes. I can do minor alterations. I’ve made over 150 quilts, and I own 2.

    Thanks to SciFi Chick – I started dehydrating and am now sold on the process. I even dehydrate chicken jerky treats for my dogs.

    I’ve canned in the past, but only such things as tomatoes. Since I joined the forum, I’ve canned tomatoes, green beans, apple pie filling, peach pie filling, chicken soup, spaghetti sauce, salsa, hamburger rocks, butter, and dog food.

    I love to cook and bake. Friends and family say my homemade pizza is the best.

    i’m very interested in herbal remedies and have used them extensively on my own family and a few close friends. So far, everything worked as it should. I am not an expert, but the family calls me the witch doctor. I advocate a doctor for major stuff, but for colds, scrapes, cuts and upset tummy, there are herbs that can alleviate the misery.

    I can use power tools but not as well as my Pa or my husband. I am an expert pistol shot, but not so good with a rifle – only hitting the target about 8 times out of 10. This is because my right eye is dominant, but I’m left-handed. Pa and Richard plan to teach me to shoot a rifle right handed. LOL

    That’s all I can think of at the moment!


    Well, I am just so tickled I am beside myself. Every single one of you have one or more skills I would love to learn or become more proficient in–spinning (Dreamspinner), herbal healing and quilting (Cin), dehydrating (SciFiChick and Ldychef2k-I ordered my Excalibur dehydrator), etc. I am going to have to get better organized and start setting some priorities or I will be chasing my tail. I feel blessed to have found such a bounty of knowledge. Thank you for your willingness to share and help poor fools like me!


    Cin–care to share the chicken jerky dog treat? I’ve been thinking of starting to make them myself, as my dogs are addicted (as part of the “morning ritual” they each get one, and if they DON’T get them, they let me know it!) and the things are so darned expensive. My main thing is I don’t know how thick/thin to cut the chicken breasts. I already make my own dog “cookies” (which is part of the “evening ritual”). I’ve also come up with my own recipe for food for a severely debilitated dog, fed through an oral syringe until he gained enough strength to eat on his own, when nothing commercial was available.

    I quilt and sew clothing, as well (I even made my oldest daughter’s evening gown for a pageant, and made her wedding dress and veil, as well), as well as alterations. Thanks to a great-aunt and uncle who lived on a farm with NO electricity or indoor plumbing, I learned how to milk cows and churn butter. Learned how to milk goats from a fellow scout leader when we took our girls out to her farm. I also do canning (especially soups, sauces, vegetables and fruits–want to do meat and butter, next) and dehydrating, as well as organic vegetable gardening, cook, and bake bread and other baked goods. My dad had me cleaning my own fish since I was 10, and fishing since I was 5.

    I’m also very interested in herbal healing and aromatherapy, as well as Reiki (although I haven’t been formally trained).

    I’ve had the opportunity to go to a women’s outdoors workshop the last few years, where I’ve learned such things as “Wild Edibles”, butchering pheasant (can’t imagine that chicken would be much different) tracking, canoeing (but have been boating since childhood), and a host of other classes. Gals, go online and check out if your state DNR offers a BOW workshop–it’s WORTH it!


    Wow did this ever turn into a cool thread! What a great way to learn how we can help each other become better preppers than to see what each of us brings to the table. We’re all here to learn from each other and to teach each other so if anybody wants to learn something, let’s make a new thread on it and talk each other thru it!


    Sounds like a great idea, mmpaints!


    i agree. start a new thread here if there is a specific topic that you would like to learn more information about or discuss! thanks MM!


    Wow, and I felt for years that the women of today can’t do anything as to homemaking. I have met many that don’t even know how to cook.

    I had a dear granny that taught me how to sew, embroidery, crochet, I taught myself how to quilt and love it. I know how to knit garments, socks, but want to try out mittens. I cook and bake from scratch which saves me tons of money. I can fruits, vegies, sauces, meats, I know how to make mayonaise, ketchup, relishes, pickles, sourkraut, jams, jellies, and other things. I know how to dehydrate, and make my own noodles. I have made my own cottage cheese. I want to learn how to make mozza and cheddars.

    I am an avid gardener and create my own spice and herb mixes. I know and have done carpentry, such as painting, building patios and porches, wallpaper, carpet laying, putting in wood stoves, rock, etc. I can hunt and fish, butcher and pack my own meats.

    What I want to learn is animal husbandry for the day when I can have animals. I only have two cats right now. There are so many more skills I can do and want to learn. Most I teach myself or find ways to learn from others. All you ladies are a boost to the drive to know. Knowledge is power.


    Ice, I was traveling through some old posts and realized I never gave you the chicken jerky recipe.

    Here it is.

    Chicken breasts, fat trimmed off, cut in half lengthwise, then sliced thin (like a tomato slice). These pieces should be about the size of a half dollar. (I make them smaller than the strips sold in stores). Lay on dehydrator trays without touching, and if you have a meat setting, put it on that. If your dehydrator doesn’t have a temp setting, just dehydrate until they are dry and crispy. Takes about 8-10 hours, usually. Put in an open container (I use an old Blue Bunny ice cream container) and keep in the door in the fridge.

    When I know I’m gonna travel, I make it in advance, then store in quart mason jars and vacuum seal with my Food saver. Then store on a shelf until ready to use (dumping it in the container in the fridge).

    These are snacks for my dogs, but Husband and myself occasionally snag some to munch when we’re in a hurry. You can probably add salts or seasonings, but I don’t. They’re pretty tasty as is…

    A bag of Walmart’s Great Value chicken is $10.98. Last I looked, the Wagon Train brand of chicken strips was over $15 and that stuff is made in China. God knows what’s in it.


    Mechanics!!! If It runs…I can fix it. I do the work on my own Jeep and love it.



    Thanks for the “recipe”! And, yes, my dehydrator DOES have a “meat” setting….temp is adjustable, everything from 95 degrees to 155 degrees. Those should be easy to make. Thanks again.


    OMG….you all are AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to make the chicken jerky for a friends dog who comes to visit when he is out of town..

    That said…I can’t do hardly ANYTHING!!! You need someone to do your wedding invitations in calligraphy, take photos of the kids, hack into your ex’s acct’s, play Farmville on FB, I am your girl…..other than the basic cooking, canning and running the Food Saver, I am pretty useless in a survival situation, or even real-life situations when the power goes out. i have come to the right place to learn some much needed skills…A friend owns a dairy farm and gives me milk all the time. First up, I am going to learn how to make cheese 🙂


    LOL, when you’re ready, I give cheese making classes. But seriously, cheese making is an art, it doesn’t work like baking a cake so as long as you realize that the recipe is just a guideline, you’ll get it figured out!

    Time for talkin is over, I got my local preppers meet up coming out to the farm next weekend so we can do some hands on stuff revolving around self reliance.


    I’m good at gardening (I can make almost any sort of plant grow. Right now I’m super excited that I got my Turmeric growing!), canning, cooking, and herbalism. I bake my own artisan bread, make my own yogurt and soft spreadable cheeses as well.
    I’m reasonably okay at knitting and sewing but I need to practice more.
    I’m just learning more on handguns, rifles and what not. My Mom was a big “those things are not for proper young ladies” so I never really learned.
    I WISH I was good at animal husbandry but that is yet another thing Mom was against when I was growing up. She was disgusted at anything that resembled and animal at one point (think the type of person who likes to see their chicken in a plastic wrapped container! LOL) so having animals that we could raise and eat was a no no. LOL


    Not as accomplished as many of you ladies. Let’s see. Garden, waterbath canning (dh bought me a pressure canner-gotta try that next), build chicken pens, play a fiddle, make wine & yogurt & sauerkraut (sourcrap–kid name for it). I do the home repairs & painting, basic auto repair, minor plumbing. Deliver kids & lambs, puppies & kittens. Make a killer pan of cornbread.
    I cant:sing, dance, or act. I crochet, embroider & sew. I shoot a pistol, rifle, shotgun. I fish. Now, thanks to Arkansas b.o w., I can shoot a compound bow. I can drive a standard and build a fence. Plow the snow off my driveway.

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