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    This week I’ll be out looking for a new job ~ though I won’t abandon my present one until I do find something different. Hoping that others of you in the medical profession can tell me if you’re getting hit with the same thing as I am.

    It’s the ‘new’ medicare requirements ~ that went into effect 1/1/10. In my case ~ as an RN with home healthcare ~ it’s meant new forms that have doubled and tripled my paperwork (depending on what kind of patient visit I do). It’s just crazy the kind of info I’m supposed to ask now. An example being all about the person’s religion, and how important it is to them (I am NOT kidding).!! I only work for 1 place, so not yet sure if this is happening everywhere, but I think it is ~ at least in homehealth. The LVN’s haven’t been hit with it yet ~ because they do a fraction of the paperwork (ie, computer work) that an RN does. But they will be indirectly ~ because when the RN’s aren’t able able to admit and resume/recertify patient care ~ the LVN’s will have fewer patients they can visit. At this rate ~ the home healthcare companies will start to go out of business. Oh, and my payrate hasn’t gone up a bit ~ so there’s no way I can make a living this way. Maybe that’s part of medicare’s plan ~ to so overwhelm us with paperwork that we have to trurn patients away because we just can’t do it. With what’s happened now ~ my hourly wage has dropped to about $15.00, that’s as a contractor, with NO benefits, and having the expense of my own vehicle/gas. I worked hard online all weekend ~ and am just sick about this.

    Any suggestions about a better option than home health would be appreciated. I just ‘hate’ to hit the hospitals. Don’t think I’ll have any problem getting a new job (for which I am grateful), but just not sure what direction to go in ~ that isn’t going to be hit so hard by the changes in medicare. Also ~ if anyone does have a suggestion ~ bear in mind that I work well with older people (love hospice), but I have a feeling that nursing homes are going to be feeling the same pinch ~ if not even more so.

    For those of you not in healthcare ~ maybe this will give you some idea of why medicare patients will get fewer services ~ and be turned away. When the healthcare bill passes ~ it’s gonna get even worse. Medical professionals will be to snowed under by required paperwork ~ to provide much care.

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