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    Mornig all,

    First of all I didn’t know where to put this post, so if its in the wrong place feel free to move or delete it mods. And I hope I don’t offend anyone, I just felt like venting this morning I guess.

    Are we all completely insane? They say the deffinition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, and to expect a different outcome each time.

    This being said, I can’t help but wonder why in the world we can’t have term limits on every elected office in the U.S. We all complain about the way things are being done term after term, but a lot of the same officials are going right back into their seats.

    I hear a lot of people say they need to vote so and so out next time around. But now My congressman Mr.X, now he’s a good ole boy. Well good ole boy or not, this crap ain’t gettin it Bud. Maybe Your guy did some good this term, but who’s to say someone else might not do better? And how the hell will we find out if we don’t give them a chance?

    I think there should be an 8 year limit on every elected position from president all the way down to the local dog catcher. How the hell do we expect any different from carreer politicians? If You have a long carreer with a company, do you do what you know is right every time, or do You give in, and do what You have to do to keep that paycheck coming? If I’m in for 8 years and no more, what have I got to loose by doing what I know is right?

    If term limits could be a first step, could we then start to get away from all this party crap? Who the hell really cares about a party anymore? I just want somebody that will represent the people, not their own pocket and TPTB. Is that to much to hope far in a government system that is supposed to be of the people and for the people?

    And look at the people we are choosing from. Where or Who do the candidates come from? I know we need an experienced person with a lot of education. But is that all We need? Why can’t we have some candidates that actually have an education that have been on our level before? Someone who has gotten up early to go to a real world job and punched a time clock. Someone who has raised a family on a normal income. Someone who has gone to the grocery store every week and buy food like the normal people. Someone who has had to put their kids through the public school systems that give our kid anything but an education?

    If we could come up with some candidates that have at least started on our playing field, then maybe they will represent us sometimes. I mean why would or should I think some rich guy thats had everything in life handed to him, and has never gotten any dirt on his hands give a rats ass about what a redneck like me might need?

    Have a Great Day!

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