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    Welcome to the Prepping For One forum! This is the place for Single Preppers to meet and greet, to get to know one another, and to share tips and ideas about survival and preparedness. We hope this will be a fun place for singles to socialize. I’m married by the way, so I won’t be here much, except maybe to offer some tips. Anyway, this forum is not intended as a “dating service” and we ask that you refrain from posting topics which solicit relationships, therefore we must include a bit of a disclaimer.

    By using this forum you agree to not hold American Preppers Network or it’s members liable for any conflicts, actions, disputes, problems, etc… that could arise from your use of this forum. You are responsible for your own safety and actions. The following are strictly prohibited: Spam, Postings of a sexual nature, Postings directed to or from minors, Stalking and harassment. If we begin to get complaints of such actions we will remove this forum. If you choose to “Meetup” with others you do so at your own accord and agree not to hold American Preppers Network or it’s members liable for any issues that result from such meetups. You are preppers and therefore you should take proper precautions if and when deciding to meetup including meeting in a public place or bringing a friend along. If you are interested in someone on this forum and would like to get to know them better you may send them a PM (private message). We are not responsible for PM’s. If the person you PM is NOT interested in you and politely asks you to stop contacting them, then cease and desist immediately. Stalking and harassment will not be tolerated. And a word of caution for anyone who would wish to do harm upon another…Many preppers carry guns, so don’t even think about it.

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