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    I have been sitting here thinking what are absolute essentials, not niceties but absolute, not getting into tools just food wise and keeping us going. There is so much, its almost overwhelming, then I think about when I start running out, that is so scary.

    We all know water is the main thing, got to have it no matter what.
    But for me matches and lighters, I like the long ones. Just can’t have enough and I don’t have enough. I have my matches vacuum packed also.
    Salt, can never have enough salt, it will be gold, 25 or 50 pounds or more. Canning salt and preserving salt for game or any meats.
    Sugar, you will want it. Yeast, that’s a hard one as it ages out. I have some in the fridge from Bobs Red Mill, in quantity and its staying ok in the refrigerator, I have a small quantity in the freezer too. Baking soda, I have 5 pounds sealed in the basement, baking powder, again a problem with becoming staledated. I have wheat in buckets, still sealed, never opened them from Lehman’s, I have at least 50 pounds, once its ground can get bugs. Hope mine doesn’t. And I have all kinds of seasonings. My Spice.com you can buy it in quantities, I need and looked the other day to get more and the prices have raised. So with flour, sugar, seasonings, spices, salt, yeast, baking soda and powder, you have good beginnings for some foods. Oils, olive keeps a long time, canola, but some get stale quickly or rancid, I have lard in the deep freeze and also eggs out there frozen, but would have to be cooked or canned to keep the lard, the eggs would go quickly, I have a can of the notorious dried eggs, yuck. I am out of canning jars so if things went down I could not preserve the foods in my freezers, hope to find some yard sales somewhere for more. Of course you would want chickens at some point. Then any amount of fruits, vegetables, meats, any kinds of canned goods you can put back, either boughten or home canned. I have bags of pintos, black beans, and rice, 25 pounds, and all kinds of pastas, have to watch for bugs, again keep the beans to long and they get hard to cook. I haven’t counted them this year but guessing 150 quarts of food. I’m canning 14 of potatoes today. We have propane tanks that would serve us for a year at least if full and we have a couple of small propane tanks, need to make sure all are full. I would recommend a gas stove to cook on, even though the igniters are electronic and need electric for that, you can light them with matches or a lighter so can still use them. I hope not to have to cook on wood for some time. I have 2 gas stoves now. One is really old probably from the 20’s or 30’s so its very basic, I’m canning on it on my screened in porch now. We also have a wood stove he got from his folks so can go to that if necessary, also have the stove pipe!! Of course the more you can stock back, if you can keep it safe, the longer you can survive. But thinking about not being able to go to the store and add foodstuffs, it becomes daunting. I also have stocks of paper towels and TP, to me those are also very necessary.

    I have good knives that sharpen to the nth, to sharp really, made sure I got German ones and not Chinese, they will last a lifetime.

    Now good things for hygience, lots of soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste back. And if a younger lady and daughters lots of hygiene products.

    Also seeds back, can order them online, I got open pollinated, lots cheaper then the stuff from the stores. Even has the germination rates on the labels, good to know. I would have enough for 2 seasons if possible.
    Still you are going to run out of essentials. Go back to the very basics and make sure you have plenty of that, can never have to much. If you are where you can grow food and supplement from the land and raise livestock your odds of surviving keep improving. This can get you started, now would only have powdered milk, so up to the individual if they have cows or goats for milk, but powdered will work. Don’t think I have any right now, need to check that out.

    A beginning.

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