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    WASHINGTON—The U.S.’s top intelligence officials said Tuesday that an attempted al Qaeda attack on the U.S. in the next three to six months was “certain.”

    An official also said the Nigerian who allegedly attempted to blow up an airliner on Christmas Day was again cooperating with federal investigators. Republicans have accused the administration of squandering a chance to gain valuable intelligence from the suspect by using the civilian court system to charge him, instead of declaring him an enemy combatant and subjecting him to more interrogation.

    Al Qaeda remains a significant threat to the U.S., the officials said, and the group’s recent evolution in tactics includes dispatching individuals who can enter the U.S. without arousing suspicion, such as the man accused of attempting the Christmas Day attack.

    The whole thing is here:” onclick=”;return false

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? “without arousing suspicion” among idiots & morons, sure. The guy’s own father alerts officials. He has no baggage. He pays for his ticket in cash. And there was something floating around that he might not even have had a passport. Not suspicious at all.

    Somedays don’t you just want to bang your head up against the wall? Don’t you just want to scream? Don’t you just want to smack all of “them” upside the head?

    And furthermore– it really ticks me off when people say something is “certain.” First of all, strictly speaking it is not even certain that the sun will come up tomorrow. And if this is certain– make it such that it isn’t.

    Ladeda. Ladeda. :cursing:

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