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    Recently my family went on a vacation to a theme park in New York state called Darian Lake. We went up there for 3 days in
    which you can camp and walk to the theme park to the rides. All of us had a blast especially my 2 grand children who just watching
    them made the whole trip worth the cost to me and my wife. It had been a while since all 3 of my sons had been able to get together
    so that was the icing on the cake. We had been to Darien lake several times before but it had probably been 2 or 3 years before this
    last visit.The park is not to far from Canada and as usual there was probably 50% Americans and 50% Canadians there and the park
    was pretty full. This as a good size park with about 8 roller coasters a lot of water rides, wave pools and many big rides. Every nite
    at 10 pm there is a laser music lite show that we always go to see as it is very good. The show last about 45 minutes or so and the
    music they play is a mix of popular music mostly famous up beat songs that are very inspirational .As the music plays there is lasers
    drawing on the big screen in sinc with the music. Near the end of the show they play tribute songs one for Canada and then one for
    America to honor there brave men and women .Every other year that I have been up there at the end of the Canadian song the claps
    and cheers were good, but nothing like at the end of the American song PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN by Lee Greenwood. This song
    is played an images produced by lasers of eagles,911 firemen,Solders raising the flag at IWO JIMA. man on the moon along with
    many others leave a tear in your eye and the feeling of AMERICAN PRIDE. This year when the song PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN was
    finished playing there was little cheer or clapping which was a shock to me. There was maybe 1/4 as much as the Canadians and
    this was bothering me. After we walked back to our camp site and settled around the fire my oldest son made the comment about
    the lack of cheers and clapping. WE all talked about this for a while trying to figure out why and nobody had a good answer. I said
    that people are struggling with many things jobs,war,and are tired of fighting for everything they got just to keep their heads
    above water. They are not happy with there government and all of this can wear on you. As I went to sleep that night it kept going
    through my head but I finally went to sleep when I realized that this country was still the greatest country on earth.

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