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    AlaskaRose has made an amazing offer to all members of the APN forum – she has offered to “put up” any preppers who wish to visit Alaska, as well as teach them her way of life!!! Please see AlaskaRose’s intro below:

    “Hi, I moved up here from Oregon, in 1969. I live north of Fairbanks, towards the Yukon river. I have worked as a gold miner, have been a Registered Hunting Guide, also a Fishing Guide. I moved out here a few years ago, lived in a tent the first summer while building my roads and building pads, then started constructing a home. Since then, have built a home for my Mom.Mydaughter2 of her kids and I built her a nice home here, also. I’m really glad we don’t have to mess with permits and building inspectors. We are working toward being more self sufficient as we go. I have been a widow since 1988. There are no power lines here, no phone service either. However, I do have intermittant internet service through satellite.”

    If any members are interested, PM AlaskaRose to start the conversation!!!

    Our deep thanks to AlaskaRose!!!!

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