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    These fire starters are another great method for starting fires in less than ideal conditions (cold, damp, rainy). The finished product acts much like “duraflame” logs, only in a smaller package. They are also a good way to utilize old candle ends and the sawdust you sweep up after your wood working project or chain saw cutting. Here is what you need:

    Votive candle molds (wax coated dixie cups work too)
    Brown craft paper (old paper grocery bags are good substitutes)
    Cotton twine

    1. Melt the wax. Remember wax is flammable!! Either melt your wax in a double boiler, or under very low heat under constant supervision.

    2. After your wax is melted add the sawdust. You want more sawdust than wax. The wax aids in the burning and acts as a binder for the sawdust. The mixture should appear to be of a thick oatmeal consistency.

    3. scoop the mix into the molds, pack down well and allow to cool.

    4. Remove from molds. if the fire starters stick, refrigerate for a few moments and they should pop out easier. If you are using the dixie cups you can just peel the cup away from the fire starter.

    5. Cut a piece of craft paper2x as long as the fire starter and wide enough to wrap it twice around. Place fire starter in the middle of the paper and roll it up.

    6. Pinch the ends of the paper roll-up and twist them like a large piece of hard candy. Tie the ends with a piece of cotton twine. Only tie the ends tight enough to prevent the ends from untwisting. If the ties are too tight the paper will snuff out before the wax ignites.

    7. To use, simply light both ends and get ready for a fire. Once the fire starter ignites, it should burn for at least fifteen (15) minutes. If you make larger sizes they will burn longer.

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