EXTENDED Family-All Living Together in SHTF

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    As I was working today, I was thinking about the things I did as a child and the way families used to all be so tight knit. It seemed in days long past that people would jump at any chance, or make up an excuse, to spend time with family. It didn’t matter if it was just to visit, to help do work, or for a family meal. Now days it seems like we make any excuse we can to spend less time together.

    My parents always instilled in me that God and family comes first. And I still believe that now, and try to live by that upbringing. As I look around me today, I think this is almost a forgotten moral in a lot of lives.

    Anyway, I was thinking back to the t.v. show The Waltons. If my memory serves me right, at one time there were 4 generations living in the same house. They were a tight knit family, loving, helping, and depending on one another to survive the hard times they lived in. And although it was a tv show, it seemed to work very well for them. I don’t remember ever seeing a closer family than theirs.

    Thinking about that got me to thinking when TSHTF, I want to be prepped in a way that I will be able to get my parents, my kids, and my grandkids home. I think it would be the best chance of survival for everyone involved. You know you can make enough soup for 12 people about as easy and more economical than four families making soup for 2 or 3, or so it would seem to me. And raising a large garden with several helpers would seem to be easier than 4 people each raising their own. Any chores just would seem to be easier with more workers. And nothing in my mind would make hard times easier than having your family with you to love through it all.

    My house is paid for, and all the men in our family have carpentry experience. We could add on a few extra rooms fairly cheap. Then if things get bad we could all pool our labor and hopefully survive the storm together God willing. It would have to be better than each one working themselves to death, and wondering if your loved one, hundreds of miles away is ok, that would be the killer for me. Knowing my family is ok will make me ok.

    I know this is probably boring to ya’ll, but I just felt like sharing what was on my mind tonight..

    God Bless You All,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Goodnight John Boy

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