antibiotic-free treatment for UTI that really worked!

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    Littledoc – can you drop in here and let us know why this worked on me? and if it is safe?

    you may have all been wondering where i have been the last little while….well it goes a little something like this: first off i had rhinoplasty surgery in mid-March – i hadn’t been able to breathe properly for over 20 years! then there was the month of April where, although i was still trying to heal from surgery (i thought i would bounce back faster than i actually did – i am a very strong and healthy person!) – i was dealing (and still am) with the idiot next door in a property line dispute. lawyers, surveyors, shot nerves, stressed. and in the beginning of may right when i thought i was finally going to be able to heal from the surgery – i got hit with a UTI. TWICE. except that i didn’t know what one was. Urinary Tract Infection. what?!?!?! i have never even had a yeast infection and i am suffering from what????

    it took me over a week and half to even realize that i was suffering down there. there was so much going in my head both figuratively and literally that i just didn’t even realize that i was itchy and had burning pee. i thought it was a combination of nerves and not eating correctly!!!

    finally – when i did realize that something was wrong, i went to the doctor. he told me that i had a UTI and needed antibiotics. i did not want to take any more antibiotics as i had just had to take some for my surgery. i asked for alternatives. he said there were none.

    so i did some research. and tried this method. and it worked! Praise the Lord! i caution you all before trying this that i am NOT a doctor – but i am crazy enough to find something on the internet and test it on myself. another caution: even when you think all of the symptoms have cleared and you are UTI-free —- stick to the regime for at least 2 more days. it was a caution i ignored and that’s why i suffered TWICE.

    so for anyone interested – enjoy!

    Follow these 3 steps (even though there are 5???? hey – i didn’t write this thing!), 3-4 times a day – when you feel that you have been relieved of your symptoms – follow these 3 steps for at least 1-2 more days.
    (i stopped the regime as soon as my symptoms disappeared…and then they returned. my first regime lasted 3 days – i followed the regime the second time for 4 days (2 days with symptoms plus 2 days without)).


    Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with 8 ounces (250ml) of water and drink IMMEDIATELY.


    1. 30 mins later, mix 2 teaspoons of D-mannose powder in a very small amount of water and drink IMMEDIATELY.

    2. One hour later take 2 acidophilus capsules with a tall (bigger than 8 ounces) glass of water. Drink the water as fast as you can.


    1. One and a half hours later mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey, 4 ounces of water and a fresh crushed garlic clove (ugh. it tastes awful. just get it down!)

    2. Drink a tall glass of water IMMEDIATELY.

    Wait one hour and then start the cycle again.

    so again – i caution you all to seek your doctor’s advice first, look into all of your options and understand that i am NOT a doctor. but this worked for me. and i didn’t have to take any antibiotics.

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