Ants in Compost! HELP!

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    Ok, opened up my compost bin yesterday evening to find that it’s been invaded by ants! And I’m talking about a LOT of ants. It was a little freaky. LOL. I don’t usually use any chemicals in my garden or compost, but my first reaction was to sprinkle some Seven Dust on it and that I did (I had a little bit in a bag that someone gave me but I have never used). I know that this is a no-no on the organic side but I had been working on filling that compost bin for about 1/2 a year and couldn’t stand the idea of it being invaded. I read online that you can put cinnamon and that helps but this was more than a few ants. They were just all over.

    Any ideas, suggestions, tips?

    I didn’t check the bin this morning (dark when I leave for work) but will look this evening to see if they are (mostly) gone. But I want to avoid this problem in the future and ants are a big problem in our area. I think I do a good job of layering (when I dump my compost pail of kitchen scraps in the bin I put some mulched leaves on top) but based on what I read think I may have let it get too dry?

    Thanks! I’m determined to make this composting thing work. I want to get some wooden pallets and make a few other bins as soon as time allows. I know I probably screwed up (organically) wtih teh Sevin dust but freaked and didn’t konw what to do. LOL.

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