Any Mainers Here?

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    Wondering if there are any others on this board who are in Maine?

    We’re north of Bangor.


    I’m in the Dexter area, used to be up near Brownville.

    Do contact me if you wish.


    I’m a little further north, in Millinocket. I figure we’ve got a head start when the SHTF. While everyone else is running for warmer weather, we’ll be heading further north. 🙂

    I’m hoping we can get a few people in the state and start a little mini-group.


    Would you like to meet up some where between Dexter and Millinocket, for coffee ? There’s Elaines in Milo. Are you familiar with it or interested ?


    I’m on the coast, near LLBean Town. A group saunds like a good idea. Anybody willing to follow through with it?



    I’m about 3 hours north of there. I don’t frequent your area at all but am happy to network via email with you.

    I would think there already is a network closer to you. Check ??? I am only a single person up here and know that there must be others around.

    Been here sending out feelers with little to no response on several different forums. People must be in the very dark !!! It is scary.

    We are going to need each other to make it….

    Would you be willing to meet in Waterville to say hello and connect ?

    Wish there were MORE people to even make a “group”.

    Thanks and let me know.


    Yes Mary and Terry here Mechanic Falls 😀



    I’m in the Dexter area. I am making a few contacts here and there. One in Bar Harbor area, one in Bangor area, one in Rangley Lakes area, and the other few haven’t followed up yet.

    Know of a few others moving in from out of state in the next some odd months.

    Anyway I’m not sure were exactly Mechanic Falls is. Do you come up this way at all ?

    Let’s talk more via email. 🙂


    We are starting a Mechanic Falls MAN (Mutual Assist Network) a super town of 3000. Got plenty of resources here. Now to see how self sustaining we are and for what period of time. Defensible and sustainable, we got us our Jericho! Now we just gotta get em off farmville and back home and we got a start.


    I am interested in learning more. Would you kindly send me a message privately


    I am in the Augusta/Waterville area, and just getting started on bulk food storage.


    Ok so do people really wish to get together or not ? Thread has been going on and on and time is marching on ?

    I’d be willing to meet up with others in the Dexter / Bangor area if people want. In the Dexter area right now.

    Seems like there are people from all over.

    Above link is excellent for preppers. I would STRONGLY suggest people review this vast info. I used to attend and now I’m up here.

    Do send me an email if anyone is sincere about getting together.



    I am a middle-aged woman (with family) currently living in Dover-Foxcroft and looking to discuss opportunities with other people in this area. I am a newbie and though I have started with some of the basics (like learning how to garden) I’m looking for like minded individuals to at least discuss/explore possibilites of what we can do when TSHTF 🙂 Please feel free to email me if interested.


    I’m in NH…about a 5 minute walk to the Maine border! Went to school over in Castine, Maine too a few years ago.


    So what do I do now? I am all prepped and would like to help others also. I know it’s a big statement that I am ready but I am with lot’s of info and help for others.

    Where do I start?

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