Anybody else freeze drying their own food?

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    We bought a freeze dryer and have finished our first load. We did raw pork loin chops, raw chicken breasts and several pounds of sweet peppers
    (fresh from the garden and diced). After the product was freeze dried we taste tested and WOW! Freeze dried chops and chicken taste and cook just like fresh from store once you rehydrate it. We are very pleased. Is anyone else freeze drying their own stuff? I’d love to hear others ideas and recipes.

    The next load will be pre-cooked meals, i.e. Cajun Jambalaya or Etoufee, Chili, Spaghetti, Roast beef, etc. I am glad we got a used industrial version (small) because I can fit quite a bit of product on the shelves, it has 12 sq ft of drying rack space. I love the harvest right one, but opted for more drying space. The model I bought is primarily used for flowers. They are hard to find used, so when I found one I jumped on it.

    Here are some pictures of the freeze dried pork chops.

    Dry as a bone and light as air:



    On the Griddle…

    The’re ready, they look and smell like a pork chop…

    And the results of the taste test are…. Drum Roll………..
    Taste just like a fresh chop from the grocery store, perfect texture….. We are very happy with the machine.

    We also tried the Chicken and it was perfect too.

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