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    Glory be! We’re back in business! YAY!

    OK – started the new thread.

    The citywide yard sale was last week – picked up all kinds of goodies.

    Scrubs for my sister for her new job
    3 Rolled bandages (25 cents each)
    1 knee brace (25 cents)

    There was more but I can’t remember it all – just too excited to see the forum is back!


    Since we got the APN back, my wife started to talk to me again, the cows are now giving up their milk, the chickens are laying their eggs again and the rabbits are starting to breed.

    Never thought I’d miss the APN this much, I was lost.


    Well, while the site has been down (was suffering SERIOUS withdrawals, BTW) I have completely weeded, and manured ALL of the garden beds, (all 22 interior beds, the perimeter beds that had been done, PLUS built additional perimeter beds in the areas that hadn’t been touched previously) re-did the drip irrigation system for ALL of the beds (including the new ones) and got them planted. Put shade cloth over 12 of them (for the plantings that are most likely to get scorched by the sun.) Also took the empty area to the right side of the garden and set up a “duck yard”…got some ducklings to do “bug patrol” for the garden. They are now OUT of the brooder, and into the “duck house”…a re-purposed homemade aluminum camper shell that was left hereby the previous occupants of our property. Bought a greenhouse kit (10×12) at Harbor Freight. It will be put up once I have a chance to level the area where it will be set up (haven’t had a chance yet, because the winds have been too bad to move that much dirt.

    I’m currently waiting for the cow to go ahead and have her calf. Indications are that it should be SOON.


    Husband planted the potatoes, a little late, but with all the rain, the best we can do. He is currently planting some bush beans in the other bed. Last year’s compost was nice and wormy, we’re hoping for a good crop.

    I accidentally started an apron making/craft items hobby. A friend directed me to a consignment shop which is interested in what I have to offer. I’ve already made up a few things – we’ll see what happens. There’s a 4 month trial period, if it takes off, I’ll be plenty busy. I’m already doing about 5 special orders, in addition to the ones I’ve already made. We’ll see if it makes money, it’s kind of breaking even right now.

    Oh, at the city wide yard sales – I scored a bag of fabric, a bag of lace, and a box of cross stitch stuff for $21. Turns out there was over 300 yards of lace in decent lengths, about 1/3 is stretch, and over 30 yards of fabric, several large pieces that were 5-7 yards, and the rest in mostly 1-2 yard lengths. I washed everything, ironed the fabric, and carded all the lace. The cross stitch box held 2 cross stitch baby quilts and the instructions for a 3rd, plus all the floss needed to complete them. A seamstress friend is coming over tomorrow afternoon to sort through and choose a few things, too. Seems right to share the loot. 🙂


    Husband leveled the area where the new greenhouse is going this morning, and we spent the afternoon getting started on putting it together. I got the base in place, then we started working on getting the corner supports, “ceiling plate” (serves as the “base” for the roof), and side supports up. We will work on the roof supports tomorrow, then once all of the support pieces are done, we can start putting in the polycarbonate wall and roof panels.


    Someday, IceFire, I want to come visit your farm. 🙂

    Husband got the beans planted in time – we’re having a gentle rain today so they’re getting a good soaking.

    Of course, we’re stuck in the house, I guess I’ll go sew.


    Cin, I wouldn’t exactly call it a farm (yet) as it is VERY MUCH a work in progress! We basically started with raw land (full of mesquite, tumbleweeds, and other less than desirable vegetation) and have been working SLOWLY but steadily into some semblance of working toward self-reliant homestead.

    After church today, worked on the greenhouse…put the back and side braces on. Next step will be starting on the roof.


    Well.I’ve moved into town.still moving somewhat. Still unpacking.putting shelves up to setting stuff out.pluss I’m having to rethink how to grow my veggies.think i’ll go with tomato only this year.this way i can.home can some home made ketchup this year.


    Since the forum went down,

    I’ve been working on keeping my seedlings alive, moving some into a mini-greenhouse.

    Been adding first aid/medical supplies and books. Also found a DVD video series on emergency medicine (ER related), but it recently arrived and haven’t made time to watch that yet.

    I picked up additional camping supplies for the summer. Another tent, hammocks, netting, etc.

    I’ve been to Cabelas twice and was out to several antique/flea markets in the past two weeks. Picked up some 2A accessories and Permethrin, among other things, at Cabelas. Mostly found some additional hand tools like saws and axes at the other places.


    Worked on the greenhouse early this morning (0630-0930). Got the “crown braces” and supports up, and got the crown ridge put together, but need a second person on another ladder to help lift it into place. Since Chore Monkey started his new job today

    Since I was at a stopping point with the greenhouse, went ahead and spent the next 2 1/2 hours on the tractor, using the backhoe to extend the other 4 irrigation/planting trenches for the orchard. After that, went and got TREES for the orchard. Had to go 2 small towns away for most of them, since that was the ONLY place I could get the pecan trees.

    All in all, got 16 trees. 2 pecan (REALLY little, so will need extra protection from the critters), 4 apple (Gala, Granny Smith, Yellow Delicious and Fuji), 3 pear (Kiefer, Shinko, and 20th Century Asian), 2 cherry (Bing and Stella–although I still want a tart cherry or 2), 2 plum (Satsuma and Santa Rosa) and 1 each of apricot (Blenheim), nectarine (Pantamint), and peach (Desert Gold).

    After dinner, went out and started working on the irrigation lines for the orchard. Got the main feeder line done, and the first 2 of the planting lines. Will have to get more of the tubing for the last 2 lines (I only have enough to get the 3rd line done.


    I finished a commissioned apron yesterday, got it bagged up and ready to take to the post office (recipient pays postage, too).

    I also made another apron from the same fabric for the little shop that is taking my consignments.

    Yesterday, I updated our Home Improvement list – the list of things that need to be done around the property. There are also some “dream” items on the list – stuff like a treehouse, a pool, and more deck space. But first, we have to get seamless gutters on the cabin. We patched together the old guttering from the house, but it’s leaking in places on the deck, and I want better gutters. Since Husband’s stroke, I do not like him on slanted roofs, so I’m hiring a professional. 🙂


    Couldn’t get on at all yesterday…kept getting a “This page can’t be displayed” message.

    After son got home from work yesterday, he helped me lift the crown rafter up to the peak of the greenhouse so that I could get it fastened on.

    Between yesterday and today, got the irrigation lines for the orchard finished, and today finished planting the orchard (16 trees…so far…until I find the other ones I want…have room for 3 or 4 more) planted.

    Also scraped the area where the hops will be going (had to get rid of the weeds) and measured out where the support structure for the hops (A VERY tall/large swingset frame left by the former occupants that we are re-purposing.) As soon as I can get help to move it into place, will be planting the hops.


    Need to add…between getting dinner (pasta salad with veggies and cut up salami added) cooked and in the fridge to cool, and actually eating it, son helped me move the “hops frame” into the garden area where it is now set up. Should be able to get the hops planted in the morning.


    Received the case of freeze dried milk we ordered for the LTS.

    Husband did some civic stuff today – jury duty, but a plea bargain was made so he got home early at 4 PM.

    I sewed another commissioned apron. phone case/lanyard and a tote bag. Did NOT plan on having a sewing business, but it appears I do…I can’t complain though.


    Well, did NOT get the hops planted today, as hoped. Started working on the greenhouse roof trusses and braces early this morning. Had to take hubby’s watch BACK to the UPS store to ship it back to the repair facility, picked up a movie he wanted, checked on son’s motorcycle repair, and checked on how the tiller repair was going. Oh, also picked up a couple more bags of oats for the horses, and another cherry tree (Montmorency–PIE cherries!). That ate up the rest of the morning.

    As soon as I got home, got the cherry tree planted. Early in the afternoon, while I was on the ladder about 10 feet up working on the vent supports, got a call that the tiller was ready for pick-up; so, it was BACK to town. Got back home about the same time son did, so had him help take the swings off the swingset frame, then till under it, (while I was hemming son-in-law’s dress slacks) in preparation for planting the hops. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll attach the stakes and strings (for the hops to climb up) and plant the hops.

    Ended the afternoon by taking son to the repair shop to pick up his motorcycle. At least he has his OWN transportation now!

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