APRIL 2018 – What Did You Do To Prep This Week/Month?

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    Got a FEL load of manure hauled over to the hops frame and dumped, spread out, and tilled in. After that, it was up and down the ladder getting the support strings attached to the frame, and then planted the hops rhizomes…2 each of Willamette, Cascade, Mt. Hood, and Kent Golding.

    Got the window supports up into the greenhouse frame, and started working on the vent windows…have 3 sides of each of the 4 vents together. Left it at that, because the wind started blowing like crazy again, and did NOT want to open the box of polycarbonate panels and have to chase panels all over the place. So, called it quits and did the commissary run, instead.



    Glad we are up an running! Have not done much with the gardens as it alternates between rain and too cold to set out summer plants!

    Found a killer garage sale with all kinds of good stuff at a buck or less. Like new cotton flat sheets, still in the package a fifty cents each or nearly new Carhartt jeans – that fit me for a buck! Swamp


    Bought manure, potting soil and garden soil for the raised beds. Haven’t gotten any plants because its been too cold here still.
    I’ll be going this week to get some here and there.

    Had the hubby make me some metal brackets to hold my window boxes off the porch railings

    Hopefully this coming week will be the week the cold leaves for good. I can take chilly but cold doesn’t cut it.

    Been going through one pantry and discarding what is not usable anymore, cleaning and rearranging. Have 2 more to do.

    Carolina strawberries are coming here at a local farm market so I will be dehydrating those ( just a few quarts) and I’ll wait for the local ones to make jam and dehydrating more. They make the best snacks and go good with the canned apricots and pineapple I’ve been drying


    Got the vent windows and doors for the greenhouse put together. Haven’t been able to do anything further on it, though, because of the winds; which are supposed to keep up without letup for the next several days.

    Went up to the city with son-in-law and a friend to go to the brewer’s supply place, and got some cheese making supplies…cultures and a press. Also got a larger (40 qt.) stock pot.


    Well, the best-laid plans…

    My Dad had a mini-stroke and is in the hospital. He recovered all function, but now he’s having more heart issues (unrelated to the stroke). He’s in the hospital. Mom is at my house for now, since she needs some assistance. We’re hoping he’ll be out in a few days.In the meantime, we’re running back and forth to the hospital, so projects are on hold. Prayers appreciated.

    Husband planted the tomatoes, sunflowers, and various other veggie plants we bought on Thursday. I also bought some herbs – sage, oregano, min, chocolate mint, basil, and others. I’ll plant those in pots for the back deck when I get a chance.

    Shipped off a box of aprons and totebags – all one order! Got a commission to do yet another apron.

    Grocery shopping:
    Restocked what we used

    canned chicken breast (2)
    canned tuna – (4)


    1 LLBean fleece lined flannel shirt – $1
    1 ballpeen hammer – $2

    For niece:
    Fisher-Price barn, silo, animals, tractor/trailer – $7
    1 pair of leather riding boots – $7


    Sorry to hear about your father’s mini-stroke, Cin. Sending up prayers for his recovery.

    Couldn’t do much outside today, because of the wind. Did go get more hay for the cow and goats, though.


    Yay it’s baaaack. Been having withdrawal without the great posts and info here. Been rotating some neglected canned foods and refreshing some of my stored water supply. Bought tomato plants today, get them in the ground tomorrow

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