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    Starting the new month. Been getting paperwork done to change over from the temp position to the permanent one. Tomorrow is my last day with the temp company, and start with the main company on Monday.

    The goat doe has upped her production, so now am getting a pint or more of milk per day (this is with sharing the milk with her twin kids, so am happy with the output. Will try making cheese this weekend. Have already made yogurt.)

    Don’t know if the new forum setup will let me move posts, but if so, will move Cin’s post for this month here instead of the March thread.


    Our dog is doing much better, pretty much back to his old self. Still, we’re lowering fat intake so he won’t have another crisis.

    IceFire, thanks for posting the dog food recipe, I’ll try it in the future.

    This week, my Dad had a heart crisis, ended up in the hospital for a few days, but refuses any type of medical remediation. I expect him not to live out the year. My Mom has dementia and doesn’t really function on her own, so family will probably appear in the coming months to work out a solution. I have 7 siblings, so nothing can be done without a meeting!

    We didn’t shop last week due to the medical issues. That said, we still got things done. I’m hoping the weather improves so we can get outside, too.

    I quilted a quilt for a friend, who is having back issues and couldn’t do it. The quilt is for a charity auction, so there was a time limit.

    Husband is off to buy the last of the components he needs to permanently install our generator in the garage. We have already paid for the electrical pole kill-switch, and the breaker box in the garage, but wires need to be run and plugs need to be installed…I think that’s what’s happening, anyway. A friend will be helping him get ‘er done.

    Although it’s been hit and miss due to weather, we’ve been walking the dogs two miles again to get back in shape.

    I’ve also been experimenting with meal prep, trying to have meals ready to pop in the oven at a moment’s notice so we can work longer on all the maintenance and gardening that will need to be done this year.


    Yesterday potted up the two pear trees I’ve had sitting in a bucket of water after rescuing them after the pocket gopher ate off most of the roots. They are currently in metal mesh pots with composted horse manure sitting in buckets until I can get that row weeded and dug back out for replanting them. Also got a couple of the garden beds cleared out and weeded, and got the hops cleared out and weeded. The hops are already putting on lots of new growth. Potatoes planted in the fall have sprouted, asparagus is going nuts (have already harvested quite a bit), and the Swiss chard is growing strong.

    Did the 180+ mile roundtrip to the city today for a Sam’s/REI/Trader Joe’s/Costco/fabric store/Brew supply store (for cheesemaking supplies) run today. Got more butter muslin, vegetable rennet, and soft goat cheese culture (Brew supply store); Tanka bars (bison pemmican) and some first aid kit refill items (REI); Avocado oil, twin-pack of olive oil cooking spray; twin-pack of lemon juice; a couple of twin packs of foil (one heavy duty and the other regular); Gyros meat, husband’s preferred flavored water, new insulated lunch bag, batteries (AAA and hearing aid), and allergy medication (Sam’s); a bit over 3 yds of charcoal-colored silk to make blouse for work (fabric store); 20-pack of Chobani greek yogurt (worked out to slightly under 50 cents per container); butter; sourdough bread; bacon; BIG container of turmeric (helps with the arthritis); twin-pack of salsa; 4-pack of quart-sized freezer bags (Costco).

    Got home, and the guys had already fed animals, so just had to milk the goat and gather eggs.

    Have a broody hen sitting on a bunch of eggs in one chicken coop, and a broody hen turkey sitting on eggs in the turkey coop, in addition to the eggs I’ve got in the incubator.


    Spring is busting out all over here.

    The five lime trees are now about 2-5 inches high. I’m still keeping them covered in the house by a sunny window.

    We moved all the tropical plants out to the back deck for sunshine. We pruned the lemon tree a little, probably not the best time to do it, but it’s done. The orange tree has dozens of oranges on it, it bloomed in the cabin, but last year, it dropped all the cabin oranges and re-bloomed later with only a few oranges. So we’ll see what happens.

    The sage, oregano, chocolate mint, and regular mint wintered over in the cabin, did well and are now out in the sun, catching some rays.

    I cleaned the guest bedroom and packed the boxes of stuff I have for the niece. I’ll probably have Husband mail one box when he takes the dog to the vet tomorrow, since it’s kid stuff, and the kid is growing. The other will stay here because she’s coming to visit next month and it’s too big and heavy to mail.

    Had Husband bring some pint jars out of LTS, I am trying to lose some pounds I gained in February, and will be making the weight loss cabbage soup. I have several different broths, and I also bought both kinds of cabbage, just to make it seem different.

    Husband put up an oil lantern holder in the cabin, now there are two in case of power outages.

    Now that the weather’s nicer, we have a lot of chores to get done before the family arrives this summer.


    Got the two pear trees replanted, although while I was re-digging the hole for the second tree, my foot slipped on the shovel, and the handle smacked me right on the right side of the face…up on the cheek and the eye. It hit so hard it dropped me to my knees. Was still holding an ice pack to my cheek when the guys came home from a dump run. Have a nice bruise and swelling on my cheekbone just below my eye now.

    The chicken coops and corral got cleaned out this weekend. A friend’s daughter got in trouble (attitude and behavior) so for her punishment, he folks made her come over Saturday and Sunday mornings and shovel poop. She cleaned out the two chicken coops on Saturday, and cleaned out the corral and goat/cow pen this morning. Parents dropped her off at 9, at picked her up at noon both days. Gave my daughter plenty of time to talk to her, (sometimes they listen to someone else better than they do to their parents) and the coops, corral, and dairy pen got cleaned.


    OUCH, IceFire! Hope all heals well.

    Our oldest came to visit for the weekend, so we enjoyed our time with her. She shopped here for dry goods and plants to take back with her, as it is far cheaper here than where she lives in a major metropolitan area (DC).

    I’ve been doing some de-cluttering of spaces, and planning some sales of the decent stuff on our local online sale group. We’ll see how it goes.

    Husband and I shopped yesterday because I wanted to buy some plastic tubs to store a few things…but Walmart didn’t have the size I want. Still, I managed to get some plastic bowls, some sauce containers, and some beef on sale.

    We’ve been trying to walk the dogs on more regular basis this past 2 weeks but it seems the weather is against us! We only go out about every other day, so far.

    I’ve been making soups and storing it in the fridge in pint wide-mouth canning jars with the white screw-on lids. We are finding this is a great way to have a quick meal/snack during the day. It equals about 2 cups and depending on the soup, is filling without making one feel stuffed. I may try this with other dishes, too.

    The meal-prep I’ve been doing is going well, too. I’ve just taken our regular recipes we like, using foil pans with cardboard lids (the ones that make about 2-3 servings), and preparing the meat/ main dish all in advance (cut veggies, marinades, sauces, etc). Then when it’s time to cook, just pop it out to thaw, and put together the meal in no time. I am doing this so we can work longer outside and on maintenance over the Spring and Summer. We have a lot of work to do before the family arrives for the semi-annual reunion.


    Picked up my package of bees after work today. Got them installed into the hive this evening.


    I cleaned out the freezer yesterday, cataloged what food we had hidden in the back recesses. It was an all day chore! We actually didn’t have a lot of waste. Some older frozen meats went on to become dog food, and the only containers thrown out were not marked, so I wasn’t sure when they went in. Now it’s ready to be filled with garden goods when it starts producing. Perhaps some local meat, too. 🙂

    Tom Smith

    This is about the only activity on the forums in the last week. Thought I would sit a spell with ya.
    I have a 400sqft studio apartment surrounded by tens of thousands of Phoenicians (Phx,Az – many, many rats in this cage) Looking at growing mushrooms in jars in my closet. Been practicing with the firearms and slowly adding to the food stocks. Freeze dried mostly. Without even a balcony, growing anything is sketchy here. Lease up in 5 months. Looking at an acre or so in Arkansas, Missouri, or Kansas. Flying solo. As much as I would like a big spread, I just couldn’t manage that much alone.
    Feel a really strong general unease. As if everyone knows something horribly ugly is coming and they are all tensed up for it.
    Getting an Arizona fishing and trapping permit. Although the hills are an hour plus away, going to get practicing live food capture. Funny thing, Game&Fish says: Don’t eat more than 2 fish a week and stay away from the rodent droppings because of the Hanta virus.
    Take care and keep your nose in the wind and your eyes along the skyline.


    Welcome Tom Smith! Any relation to the Oklahoma lawman of the Old West? Here’s another site to visit, too. It was started by one of our members here at APN when this site went down for a few months. Many of the same people post there, too.


    We did our regular grocery and yard sale run.


    Restocked what we used
    New cat dishes for the kitten
    New litter box for the kitten
    Boxes to mail stuff
    Veggie plants and new pots for my deck garden – tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber, squash


    2 boxes baking soda
    1 box borax
    Screw on lids for mason jars

    Yard sales were skimpy, but I picked up a few things. I really considered an old National brand pressure canner for $3, but it looked dodgy, so I decided to pass. I have two canners, a Presto and an All-American, so it’s not like I really needed it.

    Illini Warrior

    Yard sales were skimpy, but I picked up a few things. I really considered an old National brand pressure canner for $3, but it looked dodgy, so I decided to pass. I have two canners, a Presto and an All-American, so it’s not like I really needed it.

    for $3 that old National brand pressure canner was probably worth it – they were “the canner” in the post WW2 days when it really kicked into gear >>> they actually became the Presto Corporation ….

    biggest drawback is the gasket requirement and the tumbler – a replacement tumbler is a killer $$$$$ – it’s worth it to buy the old canners if they have the tumbler included ….





    Illini Warrior:

    Thanks for the info on the canner. I went and looked at the pictures in the manual you linked. The $3 canner I looked at didn’t have the petcock, and it was kind of dented at the top of the pot on one side, I just didn’t feel it would have a good seal.

    Illini Warrior

    Thanks for the info on the canner. I went and looked at the pictures in the manual you linked. The $3 canner I looked at didn’t have the petcock, and it was kind of dented at the top of the pot on one side, I just didn’t feel it would have a good seal.

    you don’t want a pressure canner or cooker with a dent – that’s a potential death device – spare parts at best …


    been doing what i can here n there..then we got hit by a hail storm one saturday.then 2 tornado’s the next saturday.where i live didn’t get a direct hit from them.but came close..there a great deal of donations. for folks that were directly. effected by them.in one way or another.i managed to get some well needed preps.food water paper towels etc etc..now come monday.i’ll be buying more preps.mostly meats. and 1 gallon jugs of water.

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