April 26-May 2 … what did you do this week to prep??

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    Didn’t pay attention to the dates :blush:

    Well in a little bit I’m about to go put most of the seedlings in the ground. There are a few that are still small or just started showing through the dirt that I will wait awhile before planting, but most everything else is ready.

    I got a book on compost because while mine is decomposing – ever so slowly – it just isn’t as fast as my piles in the past and it definitely isn’t heating up at all. I got worms in there (naturally I didn’t add them) and I keep it wet (but it isn’t getting slimy from being too wet) and I keep a mix of kitchen rubbage, grass clippings and brown debris of leaves and twigs, and I turn it and keep it where it can breath … maybe it breathes too much… I don’t know, I’m lost as I’ve never had a pile not turn faster than this one is!

    I’m also working on making notebooks of information. Trying different things to get as much info on a piece of paper as I can.

    I also bought some extra pantry items today and some more canning jars. I need to start buying now or I’m not going to be prepared once I start harvesting which will bring it’s own set of issues. Speaking of I need to get some tongs for canning!

    Other than that I’ve been doing things for school/finals and getting the rental house painted (yay me, I finally learned to paint on my own once I got frustrated enough to go at it by myself!). I’ll be out there tomorrow and Thursday as well finishing the painting and yard work. From there we will be taking down the swing set and using that timber for some landscaping here and transplanting the strawberries from there as well.

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