Are you preparing spiritually ?

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    I’ve done a lot of reading in this group and several others on families preparing food and equipment for what ever hard times come their way in the future. One thing i don’t see or hear very much of is what people are preparing spiritually as a single person , family or whole group of people. Personally i feel God is a major part of preparing for anything. Perhaps my leading a christian lifestyle helps me to see the advantages of including God in my plans. I’ve been a prayer warrior for years and i know without any doubt that God hears my every prayer and acts upon them. He may not answer my prayers the way i thought he would but he does answer them. I can step out in faith because i have been building upon that faith for many years. How many of you include God in your plans ? I couldn’t help but notice i haven’t seen a place to list prayer in this forum so that got me to thinking about preping spiritually.

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