At what point is Prepping really Hoarding?

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    I very seldom watch tv, and my one guilty pleasure is watching “Clean House” because it helps motivate me to keep my own house tidy and organized. I’ve always been amazed at how anyone can let their house spiral that much out of control!

    So my family has recently watched a few episodes of “Hoarders” and it has been eye opening for me! I’m definitely not a hoarder…but I can totally relate to some of the rationale behind the situations as the show dives into the person’s reasoning behind the mess. One guy in particular stood out to me because he came off as a prepper to me, trying to make sure he is prepared for any situation but obviously taking it way too far. He had totally gotten out of control with cases of canned food and other supplies stacked all over his house that really didn’t have a defined purpose for the future–it was just cheap and available at the time–and a lot of it was going rotten!

    It got me thinking. At what point does Prepping become Hoarding? Is it the level of organization–if you can store the prepping items neatly away, it is prepping…but if the items are randomly stacked throughout the house, it is hoarding? Is it the amount of realistic use that the items will have someday in the future–the level of functionality?

    Just curious what others think. I am totally reassessing the clutter and junk I have in storage now and getting rid of anything not functional or worth keeping around! (Craigslist and Ebay have become my new friends!)

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