AUGUST 2019 – What Did You Do To Prep This Week/Month?

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    Started the new thread.

    Yard sales were not good this week.

    Grocery shopping:
    Restocked what we used
    2 totes for reorganizing the garage
    2 jugs of vinegar

    We are still cleaning out the garage. Some of the stuff has been packed for over 16 years, we know from the dates on the unopened boxes. Yikes! Anyway, a lot has been thrown away – Husband is on the 6th truckload, I think! The three Ms got to it – mold, mildew, and mice. But frankly, if we didn’t need it for 16 years…we didn’t need it. This excludes the stuff we DO use that is packed in the garage, like our camping equipment.

    Most of the mice evidence we’ve found is very old because we got cats 4 years after we moved here and I suspect they did their jobs. Still, I will be re-organizing the garage and re-packing some things, so I will put peppermint oil soaked cotton balls in certain boxes, just as a backup.

    Found a large stash of photos and was able to re-store them in plastic photo boxes that I’d bought ages ago for this purpose. While they are organized in the photo boxes, they are not organized by dates, so I will be spending my evenings putting them all in order.


    Brought in another 8 bales of hay after church today (3 for the boy goats, and 5 for the girl goats and cows), then did a commissary run. Used 1 gallon of the 4 gallons of goat milk I had in the refrigerator and made mozzarella. Will have to make more tomorrow (and Tuesday, and Wednesday…)


    Still working on the garage. I dumped a lot of old paperwork today. I’ve realized for a while we’ve not needed a lot of this stuff, and have been trying to get to this tasking of cleaning the garage for a few years. Finally decided to just buckle down and git ‘r done. We’re on Day 10, but I expect to be done by mid next week.

    Husband took the now empty space at the back and built a workbench with a good light. He nailed peg board to the back to hang some stuff. Now he has space for all his tools. He will also now have room for the drill press. He’s moved the bench grinder and circular saw to their new homes. We still haven’t quite figured out where the table saw will go, maybe the middle of the floor!

    One of the hard things to part with was all the books. Most were damaged by mice. There was no salvaging them. I WAS able to rescue a few, but I’m not sure if they will be cleaned enough to keep. They really stink of mildew. May just let them go too, and buy new copies. I think most are still in print. The good news is, most of the good books were in the house, including our prepper library.


    Friday was grocery shopping and yard sale day.

    No yard sales today.

    Grocery shopping:
    Restocked what we used
    2 pairs of cargo shorts for Husband
    2 crates to store things under workbench in the garage
    A Sawyer mini-filter
    2 boxes of zipper bags for storage of stuff found in garage
    Boxes to mail stuff to family members that was found in garage

    While we are still working on the garage, the clean-out part is mostly done. Now we are cleaning up, organizing tools, and setting up areas where we will store non-food preps.

    We are also deciding what will be stored in new plastic footlockers, and re-packing it properly (the kids’ toys they want to keep, some plaques from Husband’s military years, some sentimental artwork/school papers of the kids). These things will not be re-stored in the garage, even though they suffered no mice damage.


    Hauled in more hay for the goats, oats for the horses, and poultry feed. Made 2 batches of mozzarella this weekend. Also bought a new faucet for the kitchen sink (the old one didn’t come up high enough, and popped off several times when I was trying to get it over the top of a water pitcher or taller pot.) The new faucet is one of those high rise ones, with the attached sprayer. It also came with a soap dispenser. I installed them today.


    Well my mother and brother died, so I inherited all the prepping they’ve done over the past decade. Much of it was outdated (3 truckloads) and others I donated to the homeless shelter (I am NOT going to be able to use this much bulk spices; like 200 bay leaves. I dont know what my mother was thinking). So I bought this month:

    2x25lb of flour (all the old stuff was outdated)
    10xcases of aquafina water
    2 cases of Ramen (which has done through the roof!! EEK)
    4 large containers of cooking oil (the old stuff was rancid)
    2 cases of cheap juice (from that large online shopping place)
    20 shelf stable containers of whole milk from the dollar store.

    I have SO much preps from my mother it fills my new place up: the living room and second bedroom are totally full of 25 gallon buckets. I need ideas on where to store this stuff, other family wont take it. Help?

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    Had to make the 90+ mile (one way) to the city today to see the orthopedic Dr. about my shoulder (thinks it’s rotator cuff tendonitis, so 6 weeks of physical therapy 2x/week, then a follow up appt. to see if it’s any better. If not, then MRI, and we go from there…) so since I was up there, also hit Sam’s (TP, and the 3 cases of the flavored water husband likes, as well as his salmon burgers, chips, and hearing aid batteries); Trader Joe’s (Gluten-free spaghetti, ramen, fusilli, and penne pastas, and some gluten-free snacks); REI (bison jerky, chewable salt/electrolyte tablets, and fruit “Jerky” that has NO sugar/sweeteners–all at NO COST to me, by using my dividend); and Costco (3 different types of chicken sausages and chicken meatballs with NO soy, sweeteners, etc, a 6-pack of raw chicken tenders, more bread and microwave bacon for husband, batteries–AA and AAA, and a FREE box of the new anti-viral Kleenex–they were giving them as “samples”.)


    IdahoBeef – I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your mother and brother. I hope you have peace.

    Perhaps start using some of the preps to get it down to a manageable level. Or, if you know someone who preps, perhaps donate some to them. Another option is to give some more of it to the homeless shelter.

    Ice, I hope your shoulder starts feeling better soon and you don’t need any other treatment.

    Anti-viral tissues…wonder what’s in them?


    Today was yard sales and grocery shopping.

    Yard sales:

    Snowsuit and jacket for grand-niece – $4
    Work shirt for Husband – $1
    Fleece Christmas jacket for me – $1
    3 3/4 yards of Pendleton virgin wool fabric – $2 (retail, $35 a yard)
    2 yards of Pendleton virgin wool fabric – $2 (retail, $40 a yard)
    1 yard of Pendleton virgin wool fabric – $2 (retail, $35 a yard)
    1 yard of cotton fabric – $1.50
    Decorative wooden/tin cow for niece’s farm kitchen – $2
    Lemon cookies/chocolate chip cookies – $2 (donation to church :))

    (I know Ice – I’m trying to downsize fabric but look – real Pendleton WOOL – for $2!!!!)

    Grocery shopping:
    Restocked what we used
    Crate for tools in newly cleaned garage
    3 plastic file boxes for family keepsake papers/cards/albums
    2 pairs of on sale shorts for Husband

    The garage clean-up is basically done – took us an entire month of sorting, repairing, dumping, burning, and cleaning to get it finished. We got rid of probably 90% of what was in there.

    Husband is currently reorganizing all of his tools. Now that he can spread out, he not only will know where everything is – he has room to work. He is currently considering building a small work shed in the back yard for gardening.

    Illini Warrior

    surprised to find a Mr Heater Big Buddy sitting in the corner at an estate sale – only run across a Mr Heater once every couple of years …
    it was set up for a double 20lb tank feed – so I got the heater, two hose extensions and a 1/2 filled tank for $20 >>> can’t ever have enough portable emergency heating


    Cin – The antiviral tissues mostly have citric acid in them. In other words…vitamin C.

    The shoulder is feeling a bit better. I’ve been using a topical NSAID gel that my son-in-law gave me (the Dr. recommended that same gel) and it seems to be helping to get the inflammation down. At least it’s not hurting as much, which is a good thing, since the physical therapy isn’t going to be happening any time soon…the therapist who’d been working with me on my knee (for which I had the last treatment yesterday) is retiring next week, and they don’t have a replacement for her as yet.


    Made arrangements to bring our bull calf home on Sunday afternoon. Also went out to the caprine supply site and ordered a strip cup, more milk filters, and 1 each of 1-, 2-, and 3-quart milk buckets – after getting a quart and a half out of the doe the other day (when I usually get 1 1/2-2 cups) figured I’d better invest in some milk buckets. She and the kids had gotten knocked down one of the 4×8 plywood sheets on the stall wall and gotten through to the feed/milking room. She was on the milking stand just waiting for me to come and milk her!


    Grocery shopping and yard sales today.

    Nothing at the yard sales for me.

    Grocery shopping:
    Restocked what we used
    2 pairs of reader glasses
    2 eyeglass repair kits
    2 big plant pots (need to re-pot the orange and lemon trees)

    Husband and I have been working for a week on making a car kit for each car – a little first aid, a little bit GOOD, a little bit comfort stuff. The glasses and the repair kits are for the bags. He also ordered a magnesium striker and a battle bandage for the truck kit (I already had those for the car kit).

    Yesterday, I cleaned out the last box from the Great Garage Clean-out. It took us a full month to get rid of 16 years of junk we hung onto.

    I sorted and organized my kids’ collection of things they wanted to keep. There is now a binder for each one with school photos, report cards, and other stuff from their K-12 years. Their other stuff is packed properly (bubble wrap and wrapping paper, if needed) into plastic boxes. Now when they visit, they can pick up their boxes and take them home with them! 🙂

    My next tasking is to organize all the music CDs and photos we have scattered about. We made an attempt a few years ago and got about half of it organized in special boxes, but now I need to do the rest. We found a cache of family photos from Husband’s family and from mine that we didn’t realize we had. I will be sorting them out, too.

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