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    My first topic, I didn’t know the best place to put it. Mods please move if needed.

    About 14 years ago I attended an Emergency Management conference for my state. One of the speakers was the chief scientist from the Nuclear Emergency Response Team (NEST). When he entered the room he was carrying what appeared to be a grey five gallon bucket. He sat in in the isle as he approached the podium. A very soft spoken man, he introduced himself and recited his credentials. He then pointed to the object he had carried in.
    This gentleman stated “This is what we look for” Everybody turns to look. He says “This is a training mock up of a man portable atomic munition with an adjustable yield of between 9 and 21 kilotons of TNT. It weighs 78 pounds and is absolutely accurate except for the timing device which is classified” “Feel free to take it apart”.
    Needless to say ol’ sardog sat down and went to work. He said it was Special Forces proof so I didn’t figger I could do it any harm 😉 It was remarkably simple in design from what I could tell.
    Then he dropped the message which no one expected. The post Soviet Union nations had completed an audit of their nuclear inventory. They had came up around 17 to 25 of their version of this weapon short. He said with kind of a smirk,” They call it an accounting error”.
    I wouldn’t be worried so much if they had came out 17 to 25 too many.
    I spent the evening drinking beer and swapping stories with this gentleman and was absolutely fascinated by some of his tales. He had personally witnessed over 20 nuclear detonations many of which he helped design. Neat to have interesting friends 🙂

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