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    It’s a grid-down situation. You are doing a LOT more manual labor and getting dirty! You stink! You need a bath bad!

    Various situations come to my mind for this. Have you thought about them?

    • If the grid is out for a LONG time … can we still use our in-house bath tub? If you lug water by the bucketful to your tub, or if you rig up a manual spray shower, I’m wondering about plumbing and if it will continue to work for draining a tub. Is there the possibility that our sewer water pipes would eventually fill & back up, if sewer plants are non-functioning (they need electric).
    • If the in-house bath tub is no longer an option … do you have a tub that is NOT a permanent fixture in your bathroom that you can FIT IN and USE??
    • If it’s winter and you take a weekly bath … can you do that where it’s warm (like in front of a fireplace) WITHOUT ruining that wall-to-wall carpet you still have. What about your hardwood floor? Can it withstand the sloshing water that will be spilled out around the tub?
    • How will you get all the HOT water you will need to take a bath?
    • If you plan on rigging up a shower (using a power-pump spray bottle) … WHERE will you use that? In the summer, it can be outside. You still need to bathe in the winter, so where will you use it then.
    • Are you planning on using the SAME water for everyone’s bath?
    • Are you storing enough SOAP to keep everyone clean? Keeping clean will help keep you healthy.
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    I saw these in the EE catalog and was wondering if anyone had one and what they thought about it? Does it work? And why couldn’t you take an unused one of those pressurized cannisters you use in the garden and just add hot water to it and use that as sort of a shower. You could take one of those in the shower with you. The Zodi says it must be used outside.


    I am wanting to set up a shower we can use if we lose power. Does anyone know if you can put hot water in one of those hand pump garden sprayers? Would it explode if you put hot water in it and then pumped it to build up pressure to spray with?


    I’ve had a container of GoJo on the shelf for over three years. Actually I just found it after three years. It is like new, it hasn’t deterirated at all. I think I might add some to my prep supplies. What do you think about it’s usefullness? Is it worth bothering with?


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    I have a few solar showers to use when the temperatures are above freezing and an oversized bucket that I can stand in to catch the water for re-use on plants. But in deep winter I just plan on sponge baths and washing hair by small bucket. Not ideal, but for longterm SHTF there will be some guilty pleasures that go by the wayside.

    As to the pump sprayers, I’m pretty sure that’d work fine. I have one set aside for pandemic prep for use with sanitizing spray (diluted bleach), but once I use it for that I don’t want to switch back and forth between shower water and sanitizing spray…


    We have a few of the Solar Showers. They can be placed in the sun to heat, and then either hung in the bath/shower and used, or hung up elsewhere for use. Since we are on a septic system, the water can be drained from the tub as usual now. However, by using something such as a galvanized metal washtub, the “shower water” can be saved and used for watering plants/garden/orchard, etc.

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