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    A word to the wise. Once you start prepping, there is no turning back. When that glaze is removed from your eyes and you see the need, you are hooked. I prep as much for my loved ones as I do for myself. Prepping is a lonely and thankless situation. You are not going to get a pat on the back or a thank you. The majority of the people could care less.
    If you prep, You will be looked on as crazy or eccentric if you are lucky.
    We live in a J.I.T.(just in time) world. What that means is that most of the stores stock enough stuff to last a few days. Then the next truck or train comes in. This system is so ingrained in us that most people don’t even think outside the box. When that jit system breaks down, you will be in a world of hurt.
    Prepping not only changes your actions, it changes your thinking, your values, your priorities and your very life.
    Disasters happen pretty much on a weekly if not daily basis in the U.S. You might be thinking, it’s better him than me but the next time it might be me. The news gets out fast.
    Once the news is out, people make a food and water run. Stores are depleted in a few hours. I have gone to bed hungry. Believe me, it’s not fun.
    When it comes down to it, I think I would rather be looked upon as crazy and go to bed with a full stomach, as not.

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