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    Photon Guy

    Lets say you’re moving into NJ and you’re bringing guns, what do you have to do? I know to buy a handgun in NJ you have to go through this entire process where you get a purchasing permit from your local PD and then at the gun shop, the dealer will write down all the information about the gun, the make and model, caliber, serial number, ect. and a copy of the permit will be sent to your local PD, state PD, and the dealer will also keep a copy so the handgun will be registered, the purchase of the handgun will be on record. Then, if you want to buy another handgun you have to get another permit and go through the whole procedure all over again. I know this because I’ve been through it, years back when I purchased a handgun in NJ when I was a NJ resident. Now, how about if you move into NJ? In PA, to buy any gun, long guns or handguns, all you need is a PA driver’s license and you just fill out the regular form that you would fill out if you’re purchasing a gun anywhere in the country. You know, that form with all those questions about whether or not you’ve ever been convicted of a felony, if you use drugs, if you’re a U.S. citizen, ect. If you’re purchasing a handgun you do have to fill out this extra form but you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of getting a handgun purchasing permit that you do in NJ. You also don’t have to get a firearms ID card in PA which you need in NJ for any kind of gun purchase, handgun or long gun. So anyway, how about somebody who is moving into NJ, they’re moving into NJ and they’ve got handguns that they’re bringing with them, what do they have to do?

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