Britain Raises Terror Alert to ‘Severe’

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    WEll isn’t this just ducky? (O.k. sorry. international news, but still… . Came across it in the COrner at National Review Online:” onclick=”;return false)

    Britain Raises Terror Alert to ‘Severe’ [Daniel Foster]
    From the Times UK:

    Britain’s terrorist threat level was raised tonight from “substantial” to “severe” – meaning that counter-terrorism agencies believe an attack is “highly likely”.

    The measure was approved at a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergency committee and announced by Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary.

    The Times understands that the decision to raise the threat level is connected to the conference on Afghanistan taking place at Lancaster Gate, London, next Thursday.

    Sources said there had been intensive discussions throughout the day relating to intelligence suggesting a possible attempted “spectacular” by an al-Qaeda affiliated group.

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