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    Bought a used Craftsman Tesmuah 24″ single auger snow blower that has 3 settings for the self-propelled tires last month. Last week the tires/wheels for lack of a better term started skipping forward a few inches then nothing. I flipped it over; belt is good & on track but does seem loose (unsure I didn’t do a visual when I bought 🙁 ), lever engages easily when the handle to pulled half way (any farther slight grinding noise) in fact wheels spin well when on it’s back, and the clutch cable isn’t worn or broken.

    This cable isn’t able to be adjusted as no adjustment nut.

    Otherwise wit was working well for my urban situation made 1/4 of the cost back so far doing neighbor’s sidewalks & driveways. It’s sunny & a heat wave of 17 degrees out :wave:
    ~~ pelenaka ~~

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