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    So last Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon I went camping in Wharton State Forest. Decided to try out the bug out kit at the same time and here is what I’ve learned. I need a warmer sleeping bag! Days might be warm but it got cold as hell at night. Food Preps were fine (Brought seven days of food and only ate two really) as was collecting and purifying water, the expanding water canister fit right in at the bottom of my bag and didn’t take up much room and allowed me to purify water easily and the two poncho’s I packed did a good job of keeping my extra gear that doesn’t fit in the one man tent dry in Fridays rain and myself. Equipment weight when I started out was about sixty to seventy pound pack and my LBE for extra gear. Only gear missing was firearms but its a camping trip so no big whoopee there. Lessons learned is that a new Sleeping bag is needed, and pack another can of OFF. Ticks were murder and it is a real requirement. A leather cover for my axe might be a good idea but the current one needs to be retired and a double headed axe to replace it. Maybe a small second tarp to form a rain shelter and some more length of rope for it but that’s about it. Biggest mistake was forgetting my expanding shovel.

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