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    Just trying to start a conversation, and maybe some critical thinking, about peoples G.O.O.D. (get out of dodge) plans and/or plans on retreat locations? Do you have a plan for if you ned to leave your immediate location due to rioting, civil unrest, getting swamped with refugees/looters/raiders, what to do/where to go when food gets low not to mention how/what is your water supply situation, how you plan on leaving, what routes to take, how to take said routes, etc, etc. Just preparing by stocking up and preparing a long term food supply isn’t enough….to be truly prepared one must try and forsee all possibilities and at least have an evac plan for said possibilities. What are your thoughts?…advice?…questions? I may not be a pro, but i do have much useful info and would love to get your thinking processes rolling and would love to expand my own knowledge base!

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