BUGGING OUT Locations-Where Should We Go?

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    My husband and I watched the latest episode of Doomsday Preppers last night and again, the subject of bugging out, came up. This has appeared very frequently on this forum and I’m curious about bugging out.

    Am I correct in assuming that those who intend to bug out have already chosen locations to bug out to or have property somewhere that is stocked and ready to go?

    Are these the majority of people or are there some who’ll just hit the road, or venture into the woods thinking that they can somehow survive anything coming down the pike?

    We don’t have a bug out location because we’re living here and after months of research years ago found that this is the best place we could be.

    Recently a friend told me she wanted a bug out bag for Christmas. When I asked where she was bugging out to she joked and told me “your house.” I laughed this away but didn’t pursue the subject with her.

    So….where is everyone going? Enlighten me.

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    Fortunately I own my land and since I am way out in the county I do not see any reason why I cannott stay right here where I am. I am however prepared to bug out if I am forced to do so, and fortunately I am trained in survival tactics which will allow me to take the basic minimum in my bug out bag and disappear into the woods. I have the ability to find food and provide shelter for myself so if I must hit the ground running I at least have a better chance of surviving than most people. sadly I am one man alone which increases my risk factors but if I am lucky I may find other who I can team up with and increase our chances of survival and security.


    I think it’ silly to bug out unless you’re forced to or you have an actual bug out location somewhere. Which unless you’re somewhat rich is probably unlikely.
    If I was forced to bug out though I would probably just go pitch a tent somewhere in the forest near a river or something. Depending on the disaster at hand this may be impossible to do, but hey at least I’ll die trying!

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    i forgot all about this thread but since someone has made a new post i have been reminded of it. i want back and read the original post and all i can say is when it comes to shows like doomsday preppers, i dont waste time with that kind of crap. i put in in the same category as all those other prepper shows. first of all no real prepper would ever expose himself like that. showing his home and his operation and what he is doing to prepare? that is simply the dumbest damn thing any prepper could do. its called security and keeping you shit quiets. another problem with these so called prepper shows is the fact that virtually everything these clowns do requires money and a real prepper can do his shit without all the money. its what defines us. our ability to live and make it without the corporate crap. i know i pissed someone off but this is just how i see it.


    We will stay where we live. There are 3 of us but our daughter is mentally challenged would not work well with us and we are now in our early 70’s. We are still in pretty good physical shape but would not work to well for us to leave our home. Luckily we are rural, 15 miles to closest small town with grocery 35 miles to larger city and its not all that big.
    We do have a small village close by maybe 200 people in it, mostly old, they won’t last long. I have a few guns, keep saying we need to add ammo and have not, yes I need to do that. I doubt many around here have more then a few days food put back, probably even less in town, sad. I doubt that most have the money to do so.

    We could last several months and if we ate carefully 6 months or more but it would get to be a very boring diet. Hubs is a jack of all trades so that would help us. I have several years worth of garden seeds vac packed, but if you are hungry would be a long wait for them to be planted and to grow.

    Our house is on a hill and the nicest one in the area, yeah, not a good thing. It could not be easily fortified the back has 11 almost floor to ceiling windows and even a glass door. Very light and bright but not good in a need to fortify situation for sure.

    But I don’t know where we could go to be any safer, so it is what it is. We have a wood stove we could put in, we have a basement we could keep warm in. Like I said we could make it for months, then not sure. Still we are better off then most. Hope we never have to find out.

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    fortunately i live 14 miles from town and not many people if anyone would ever come out here because it is a bit off the beaten path so to speak. i have over a year of food in dry bulk goods. yes the diet would be a bit boring but i have all kinds of wild greens and other wild plants growing out here along with edible wild mushrooms plus i can trap and fish my own meat so im good there. also i have several years of seeds stored away along with my yard which i am trying to turn into a food forest.also i have all the hand tools needed to supply several people for almost any job (i am against the generator idea. makes to much noise and will attract attention to your place). i have a small solar setup if we need to break it down to the basics. i have a well that i can drop a bucket down and draw water like we did when i was a child. and of course the guns and ammo along with body armor if needed. my place is relatively easy to defend if we had to. i do have a nice bugout setup if i have to leave but thats a last resort kind of thing. the only thing i am missing is a few good people to join me and really make this thing work. safety in numbers.


    Our plan is also to stay put. About the only thing that would force us out is a wildfire, which MIGHT force us out, if it jumped the highway and crossed several intervening roads (both paved and unpaved.) Should that happen, we would have to load up the stock trailer with the animals (horses, goats, and cattle); chickens, turkeys, and ducks would go into several large dog crates; Hay and feed would be loaded up, and we’d be heading out of the fire zone until it was safe to return. Otherwise, we’re staying put.

    People who think they can just head for the mountains or wilderness around here will be pretty much screwed.


    We will stay put.

    We are blessed to live in small, rural woods with several neighbors who are also self-sufficient. We all stock food and other goods because winter can get tough. We all have 4WD vehicles, but usually choose not to go out at all. We all hunt and fish, and we already have a decent trading system with each other. We put in a water harvesting system for our garden, so we can water it independently of our well. The lake is a mile away, not an easy way to get water, but if we had to, we could.


    Well I am always beyond the sidewalks. Fact is my place is some other peoples buyout location . So I guess that means I stay put. Fact is I’m another buyout locations fallback buyout location.

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    Grizbrb did you actually mean buyout or did you mean bugout??
    You said buyout but I”m thinking that’s just a typo.


    I meant buyout . My home is 5 miles down what the topo maps call a jeep trail with a locked gate 2 miles in .


    Well auto correct changed it on me again ! Bugout bugout bugout.


    Here in Florida there is a lot of Wildlife Management areas. The Problem would be other people would also be bugging to these secluded areas. Water, shelter, and food would be your major considerations. A bug out bag will only last so long. Find a location that can be defended.
    Roving gangs would have to be avoided. Gear would have to be light. Good boots, solar lights, a good shelter, medical needs, etc.
    People will need to adjust to life exposed to the elements. Life without A/C, tap water, electricity, sunscreen, etc.
    Remember ammo is heavy. A little .22 Cal would provide some security and you could carry lots of ammo. 22 ammo is also cheaper.
    I would bug in as long as possible – then bug out when your location is no longer viable.

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    Fortunately I own my land (in Georgia), a fair distance from any city limits, sitting on the county line putting me between two small country towns, to the west less than 10,000 population and to the east less than 8,000.
    I have all my preps in order and am now going through and preparing a few different Bags to have ready to roll at a moments notice.
    1 bag travels with me whenever I go to town (call this my get home bag) and the other ready to bug out within a few minutes (however long it takes to suit up and walk out the door).
    I have a good stock of food (at least 2 years for one man), hand tools, seed (also harvesting seed and creating permanent self propagating crops), a real old school well to draw water by bucket an outside cooking pit and a rocket stove (also a wood burning stove), and more wild food than we could ever eat (including edible wild mushrooms).
    I also have the ability to go fully ‘Off The Grid’ within a few short hours with a very basic solar capability, keeping it small so as not to attract any unwanted attention, just enough to keep radios and such charged
    There is more to my setup than this but one must see what I’ve done in order to appreciate it.
    The only thing I’m missing is 2-3 good souls who are looking for a permanent place to live, who are willing to find jobs and also help to continue building the land and creating a self sufficient food forest (of which I have made great progress in just 2 years working by myself).

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