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    Hello fellow Utahans and Preppers Alike!!!!
    I was just thinking what with spring here and camping season starting just around the corner. That maybe some would be willing to get together and go over skills and techniques of survival and prepping n all that. I would not consider myself a prepped by any means yet but that’s why we are all here right? Cause we have a interest in it and would like to meet more like ourselves and learn as much as possible about off the grid living and survival. So please if you know one thing or a Thor and you either want to teach or learn or both. If you have something to share it would be awesome to get together and trade skills and opinions of one another. Whether it has to do with shelter or food and storing of such food or maybe even hand_to_hand combat or anything to do with weapons and skills with such things like firearms and shooting or throwing axes and knives and how to do so or even alterative energy solutions or plans. I myself would very much like to hear all this shit and learn from others about it. Specially if you are an expert in any of those areas yourself. Hell, just meeting some like me that have the same interest and like to just shoot the shit. Thanks for taking time of your special day to read this and I look forward to hearing from y’all!!! Later homies lol

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