Canned Meat Failure Diagnosis

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    We pressure canned two kinds of meats in 2014, beef and pork, these were raw packed in pints and processed the recommended time, 75 minutes at 14#.

    Checked some of the jars today and the beef jars looked fine but some of the pork jars and portions that were above the liquid and fat line were discolored and drab green. The seals were still in vacuum. Went ahead and opened one jar for inspection and these discolored pork had a nasty appearance but there was no off smell. Seems that any pork that was not immersed in liquid discolored. I would think that contamination would cause the lid to swell and detach, the bands were removed when these were put up. Also not having a bad smell makes me wonder as well.

    Any idea what went wrong with this batch?

    Thanks and G’day

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